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From time to time I’ll tell you about classes, products, or other stuff I love. Rest assured that I’ll never ever never ever tell you about something if I don’t really and truly recommend it. Click on the images below to find out more.

My very first Craftsy class is now live – hooray! Click on the image below to enjoy $20 off (which is about a 50% savings!):

Other classes I truly love,  both Craftsy and otherwise:


 Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp: This class was an absolute life changer for me. It changed how I feel about money, how I run my business, and how I teach my kids about money. I feel so much more in control of things now – truly, this is the single best class I’ve ever done.



Capture Your Cake: This is seriously a genius class for anyone who takes photos of their cakes late at night, in a dark room, and with only their smartphone…and then ends up posting them onto social media with, “Sorry for the terrible photo…”  It teaches you how to take brilliant pics with that same smartphone that you’ve been taking crappy pictures with.



You Need a Budget: I did the Money Bootcamp and started using YNAB in the same month. A year later and my family is almost debt free. I resisted budgeting for YEARS and then this came along. Easy, inexpensive, totally doable. Note: This link will save you $6.


Here are my favourite classes from Craftsy:
In the Food/Cooking category :

In the Cake and Cookie Category:

Here are my favourites in the Art category, all of which can be applied to cake:

  • Mastering Colour Pallettes – the best thing I ever did was minor in Fine Art in college. My parents thought it was useless, but I now use those skills every time I need to match a colour swatch from a client or decide on what colours to use in a cake.
  • Mixed Media Essentials – although she’s talking about working with fabric, there is tons of cake inspiration here, and she talks about colour, design and texture. This is probably my most favourite of all.
  • Beginning Painting – Hand painting on cakes is becoming more and more trendy, and this class gives you some great tips about the basics of painting. There’s a difference between those with art skills and those without and it’s knowing this basic stuff which is a good start.


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