2019 Online Classes Now Available YAY!

As you might have heard, I’m not teaching in person this year because I have family commitments keeping me grounded. I know, I’m kinda sad about it too because teaching in person is my favourite part of my work. BUT, I freaking ADORE YOU and I really miss you, so I’ve come up with a solution to this.

My single topic online classes were super popular last time I did them… so I’m bringing them back for you! There are 6 different ones to choose from – all things you’ve asked me about. You can pick the ones that interest you, or come along to all six of them. These are ONLINE classes, which means you can watch them from the comfort of your home or kitchen, ANYWHERE in the world. If you can’t make it to the live class, no stress – I’ll be sending you a recording so you can watch at your own convenience.

Registering for a class gets you a spot in the class, a downloadable worksheet, and a recording of the class.

PICK ONE, TWO, THREE… or ALL. It’s entirely up to you!

There are six live webinars (online classes) available this year. Each one goes for an hour (plus a Q&A) and it’s a great way to get super useful, super fun information on how to better run your business.

Classes are $25 USD each, or buy the set for $125USD (get one free!)

Click on the TITLE below to reserve your spot in the ones that interest you.

How to be High End From Home
Better clients, higher prices, nicer products. Working from home has its challenges, especially when we’re trying to make people understand why are prices are not cheaper than others. I’m going to teach you a lot of ways to make your home business high-end, so that people are no longer questioning your work or your prices. Yes, you can run a beautiful, expensive business from home!

WHEN: NOW! You can purchase the recording to this class and get immediate access.

Words That Sell – Including How to Get and Use Testimonials and Reviews
This one is for you if you’ve ever struggled with knowing what to write in your emails, newsletters and social media and don’t want to sound salesy. Talking and communicating is hard, especially if you’re introverted. This class is going to make that communication a whole lot easier, so that it’s not taking you ages to write things like social media posts, and you’re not freaking out once you hit send. Words MATTER and we can use those words to get you more sales! 

WHEN: NOW! You can purchase the recording to this class and get immediate access.

Awesome Websites and ‘About Me’ Pages
Yes, you need a website, so let’s make yours awesome. A very practical workshop on what your website needs to attract more customers. Websites don’t need to be complicated or hard to do and you don’t need a ton of tech knowledge. There are some simple things you should include in your website, and ways to make writing about yourself a whole lot less awkward. Let’s get your “online shopfront” looking gorgeous!

WHEN: NOW! You can purchase the recording to this class and get immediate access.

Confidence, Mojo and Mental Health
We all struggle with this from time to time. I’ll be sharing some real talk about how to get through the tough stuff. The unspoken secret in our industry is that we can bake, we can decorate, we can look very well put together online… but we also struggle with anxiety, depression, and feeling like we’ll never be good enough. This class is all about some real talk about how to get through that tough stuff. I’m not a therapist or mental health professional, so I’ll be sharing my own struggles and the things which have worked for me. I’ll also share some stories of my students and how they deal with things too. We’re in this together. 

WHEN: NOW! You can purchase the recording to this class and get immediate access.

Business Growth: From Homefront to Shopfront (or other!)
Is it time to move out of your home? Are there other options? What to do when the business is growing, and you feel kinda stuck. What is involved in making a business bigger? What things should you think about – money, lifestyle, time? How do you make the leap from part time to full time? 

WHEN: NOW! You can purchase the recording to this class and get immediate access.
When You Can’t Do It Alone: Helpers, Employees, Outsourcing
When, how, and why to hire: all the ins and outs of getting help – be those part timers (hi Mom!) or full timers, people you hire for events and so on. Everything you need to know about getting help in your business. I won’t give specific employment rules info (as you are from all over the globe) but I will talk about what needs to have before, during, and after getting help. We’ll also be talking about how you know when you need help and how to afford it. 

WHEN: NOW! You can purchase the recording to this class and get immediate access.

If you’d like to buy a spot in all six of these classes, you’ll get 1 for free! CLICK HERE TO BUY the entire set.

Once you purchase your spot, you’ll get a receipt from PayPal. A link to join the class will be emailed to you 48 hours before class starts. Once it’s over, you’ll get an email with the downloadable worksheet and a link to the recording. I look forward to seeing you there! Any questions can be sent via email to me directly: michelle@ thebizofbaking.com


“I have just sat in on your webinar and I wanted to say thanks for such an inspirational hour! I wasn’t able to thank you in the webinar. I’ll definitely be back to join more of your webinars in future, it’s really spurred me on!” – Jill Sherrington


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