Podcast Episode: By All Means Necessary

I’ve recently been advertising my live classes (www.bizbakeontour.com) and people have been leaving comments which I find really interesting- they like to give me every excuse imaginable as to why they can’t get to the class. I find it really interesting how people really tend to make excuses for their lack of success and why they can’t take their life, or their business to the next level. It’s rare that we see the problems lying with OURSELVES. This has forced me to look back on my life as a business owner and think about all the insane, crazy things I did to get where I wanted to go because I really did have a clear vision. I knew that I had to use all the necessary means to get there. I really think that it’s time to lift the lid on the difference between how things look on the outside, versus how they really are, on the inside. So, today we’re talking about at least ten embarrassing, ridiculous things I did, to get my business to the level that I  wanted it to be at and to really make it a success.

So listen in today, as I really want to share these things that I did with you because sometimes you just have to make it happen! (even if it’s embarrassing!)


Show highlights:

  • My recent rant on Facebook about having to make a decision at some point about how much your success is really worth to you and how far you’re willing to go, to achieve what you want to achieve-  and the story of the extraordinary lengths that one woman went to, in order to be in my class.
  • How I got my very first pastry job with my cake portfolio.
  • The myth women need to be a hundred percent qualified before they will apply for a job.
  • How I got my first cake boxes for my jobs before I realized I could buy them. I swear I’m not a bad person!
  • Tricky ways that I used phone numbers and addresses to make it look like my business was way more legit than it was at the time!
  • That sometimes you have to create an impression, to seem more legitimate than you really are and grow your business.
  • I used to constantly ask places for their recipes if I really liked their cakes- I used to pretend to have an allergy, so I really needed to know what the ingredients were. Pretty cheeky, but nine times out of ten, they would give me the recipe!
  • That my easiest way to do anything is to be inspired by other, really successful businesses and do as they do- it’s a good way to start out.
  • It’s crazy expensive to buy cake decorating products in Australia, so I used to go to cake decorating shops in America, when I was visiting my family there and buy loads of products and equipment and drag it back to Australia in a suitcase.
  • Figuring out how to work your way around things, if you really can’t get straight there.
  • I took out a lease on my first commercial kitchen when I didn’t yet have the real money behind it. Really scary, but by the third month, I’d made enough money to cover my rent!
  • That sometimes the voice inside you is so loud that you just have to do that thing.
  • How I mystery shopped my children’s birthday cakes.
  • How, trying to get a napkin match really informed my own business.
  • In the early days of my business, I had cake flavors that I’d never tried before, but that didn’t stop me from selling them!
  • The crazy story of my car broke down and the trunk was full of cake flowers.
  • It’s not so important how you do things – the important thing is that you actually do it.


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4 comments on “Podcast Episode: By All Means Necessary

  1. I absolutely loved listening to your podcasts!!!! It’s exactly what I need to stay motivated. So much of what you said resonated with me. I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of your book and can’t wait to read it. Thanks so much for creating an energetic, engagingly hilarious podcast!!!!

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