BoBTV: Dealing with Copycats

I’ve told you all how I feel about the whole “she stole my cake idea” thing – here’s the article I wrote about it. The situation is however a lot worse when we’re talking about teaching and classes – especially if that’s in your own area!  Teachers put in A HUGE amount of time, effort, money and skill into creating their class projects and for many, it’s a major part of how they make a living. It can be horribly frustrating and upsetting when someone comes to your class and then decides to ‘steal’ your class project, method, or even your same timetable. In today’s episode Sharon and I talk about how to deal with this:

One thought on “BoBTV: Dealing with Copycats

  1. I love your logical approaches! I saw another cake artist ranting about people copying tutorials and it felt really wrong. She creates a mob like mentality with her followers. People make mistakes, and I think your approach is so smart I wish everyone could hear this.

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