BoBTV: Making Friends With Your Competition

This whole small business thing can be a pretty lonely place – especially if you run a cake business from home and your only company during the day is Dr Phil and Oprah. You can go a little stir crazy with only clients to talk to…and if you’re anything like me, you know the loneliness has reached epic proportions when a client calls and half an hour later you find yourself giving them recipes for meatloaf. In today’s episode we talk about reaching out to other people in the baking community, be those people your competitors or your heroes!  Watch and enjoy.


3 comments on “BoBTV: Making Friends With Your Competition

  1. Worlds biggest stalker right here 😀

    I am really lucky to have some amazing cake makers, bakers, decorators around me that I find motivational and inspirational. They are so supportive of me and likewise, me of them. I send loads of business their way too when I am booked.

    I never over step my mark and ask for recipes, techniques etc – it’s purely to spend time with like minded souls. I need them in my life to bounce ideas off, grumble too and brag too hehe.

    As i am a little hobby business, I feel there is enough cake to go around if you get my drift, so I love to hear from other people and I like to help those around me too (have helped quite a few with middle of the night disasters from friend decorators).

    Thanks girls!

    Michelle, remember…. I am your amazonian stalker heheh

  2. Hey Michelle & Sharon,
    A great episode of BoB TV. So, here’s the thing… you guys are coming to Perth in April and I’m so excited to be able to take the class. You have both been such a source of inspiration for me this past year and I just wanted to say “Thank You!”
    I am sure that teaching the group for 2 days straight will be pretty exhausting (with the traveling too) but, if there is a slot over the weekend when you need a coffee… I’d love to have the chance to buy you one.
    Take Care,
    Inez x

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