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In this episode of BOBTV, we talk about branding your business and how important it is. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and I wanted to add in a bit more detail to this video.

Branding your business is a bit of a process, one that’s based on experience and time and the resources you have available to you. The first cake business cards I ever had were free from Vistaprint (actually, I think I paid for postage) and they had a picture of a cherry pie on them. Not just any cherry pie – a cherry pie nestled in an autumn scene, with leaves and whatnot. Classy, right? I mean that just SCREAMS custom cake company…not. I’d never baked a pie in my life and certainly I was not starting a pie company, but that’s the only vaguely sweet food option they had for cake business cards. I also hadn’t really thought much about investing in the business so at that point it was a matter of what was quick and free. As time went on and I could afford better things, I got a logo professionally made, a website professionally built, had business cards made, developed company colours and so on..and eventually yes, I got rid of the pie cards but it took a while.


If you’re fortunate to invest in all of those things from the get-go, I would invest in some branding -but if you can’t, it’s not a huge drama. Instead brand your business on what it stands for more than what it makes. Is it about FUN? It it kooky┬áin style? Targeted to vintage brides? Reflect what the business is and what it does for your clients more than worrying too much about having it all perfect from Day One. You don’t need to worry too much about having the exactly right logo or exactly right colours at the beginning – at first, you need to just GET IT OUT THERE. You can evolve your brand as you go and as you can afford better quality branding, but at all times…your business brand needs to reflect what you currently do AND what you aim to be. I do a lot of digital business reviews and one of the things I notice most is that people say, “I want to run a high end wedding cake business,” but the pictures of their website include a bunch of cakes that are aimed towards kids, or the photos are poor quality, or the logo has very little to do with cake (pie, anyone?!) or they’ve got every cake picture on there starting with the one they made for their one year old (who just turned 18.) Clients don’t really need to know where you’ve been (from a skill point of view) – they need to know what you are and where you’re going.

HINT: This is also how you start to narrow your niche down. Once you’ve figured out what your “thing” is, start to edit the photos on your social media and website to reflect those types of products and aesthetics. Talk about and share the things which will appeal to your target client. Once you’ve worked out your niche, everything about your branding should begin to reflect that niche.

So here’s what we had to say about how important photos and reviews really are:

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