Are you tired of feeling like you’re just making up your prices as you go?

Does the idea of marketing freak you out?

Are you exhausted from trying to do it all? (The baking, decorating, cleaning, emails, social’s all you!)

Are you not entirely convinced that you can make a real living from your business?

I totally get that. I felt that way too. It kinda sucked to be honest.

It doesn’t have to be that way though!

I’ve taught loads of people to:

Confidently price (no more random guessing)

Market your business simply and easily so you get more clients (even if you’re introverted)

Get control back over your time, your business, your life (and less emails!)

​​​​​​​Make a real living from your gorgeous and delicious creations.

And I am going to teach you how to do all that too.

Awesome News:

We’re going to do it together. We’ll  get you from that “random guessing at my prices cake lady” to the “check me out, I actually KNOW what I’m doing here,” businesswoman.

(And it won’t be scary, expensive, painful or awkward.)

Build Your Profitable Cake Business is for you if you’re ready to  build and grow your business – even if you have no business experience and even if the business stuff scares you. (And let me tell you, it scares most of us.)
This class is a super supportive, positive, get shit done community of business owners learning to make real money in their business... so they can keep doing what they love. We’re  in it for the fun, creativity and getting to buy loads of fun tools, but we’re also in it for the money we earn, the success we feel and the sense of achievement we get every day. It does not have to be for EITHER love or money - it can be about both.
I’d love for you to join us in Build Your Profitable Cake Business - not for me, but for YOU (and yeah, I know it’s hard to invest in yourself. Normally EVERYONE ELSE gets invested in first. This time, you’re allowed to invest in yourself..and by doing that, your family benefits too.)
If you’ve been making sweet treats for a while, and have been trying to make a business out of it, some of these might feel pretty familiar:
You’ve heard others say, “there’s no money in it,” and that is scaring you off going into business yourself.  If they can’t make it work, how will you?
The idea of pricing your work freaks you right out or makes you feel guilty. You have no real idea what price is fair, or what people will be willing to pay for your stuff.
You’re worried that once you start charging properly, people will stop ordering from you. (Because that’s what happened to all those friends and family who told you, “You should so sell these!”)
The idea of having to talk to people about what you do kinda makes you want to throw up, hide under the covers, or both. Also isn’t marketing a super big hard thing to do? You don’t really get it, and you think you’ll be bad at it.
You procrastinate like crazy on everything – answering emails, finishing cakes, getting started on figurines.  As a result, you’re always running behind and feeling like a failure.
You’d rather spend every day making stuff, not talking or emailing about it.
You’re absolutely exhausted from doing  it all. Most weeks, you’re up until stupid  o’clock in the morning, finishing off the final details on orders. Then you’ve got all those emails to reply to!
Secretly, you’ve got big dreams. Maybe it’s being able to work from home full time, or opening the beautiful store front, being featured in a wedding cake magazine, teaching classes, maybe making enough to allow you and your partner to work together in your business, or making enough money to quit your day job. You’ve just got no idea how to make those things into reality.
Making cake, pies, cookies and macarons is a lot of fun, but without business knowledge behind it, you’re going to end up burned out, exhausted, and feeling like it’s not worth all the effort. (You might already be feeling that way.)(Most of us do.)
Here’s the hard truth: If you’re always focussing on the stuff you make rather than the business stuff, nothing is ever going to change for you. This class is how you free up your time, make more money and get more customers. And you can start doing all of that today. RIGHT NOW - and carry the learning well into 2019 and beyond.
The most successful bakers and decorators, who have been in this industry long enough to see trends come and go – know that the key to success isn’t being able to make things, it’s being able to run a business and sell those things. As they saying goes, “If they ain’t buying, you ain’t selling.”
Let’s be real here. It’s a whole lot easier to learn to make things than it is to learn to run a business. These days you can use online classes, Craftsy, YouTube, subscription cake schools... lessons in making are everywhere, which is why  there are SO MANY “cheap cake ladies” out there.  Most of them crash and burn within a few months (and some a few weeks!) The ones that stay in it do so because they understood it wasn’t only about the product, it was about learning to run a business. Sadly, because of all the learning options, the cheap cake lady is no longer the 'cake wreck'. She's actually creating pretty damn good cakes and if all you have to compete against her are your cake skills, you are going to be in trouble.
When you started with baking and decorating, you didn’t know how to do that either. (Have you ever gone and looked at your first creation? Total cake wreck, but you were massively proud of it I’d bet.) Then you took classes, read books, watched a ton of videos..and LEARNED how to be better at it. The same is true for business skills. What you don’t know, you can learn - and this class is going to give it to you in one place.
Together, we’re going to get you to feel like this:
Confidently pricing orders, without it taking a ton of time to do it or freaking out before hitting send on the quote. ​​​​​​​
Feeling in control over your time, so that you get to bed at normal hours AND manage to have a weekend!
Contributing to your household finances, or finally quitting your day job
Looking at your orders book and seeing it full, well into the future. It’s not “when I get orders,” situation, it’s a “I’ve got plenty of orders!” situation
Get more of the customers and orders of the kind you actually WANT. Not the people asking for discounts, not the people complaining about price, not the people who want to drive you crazy for a $30 order.
When people ask you what you do, you say, “I own my own business,” rather than “Oh I make cakes.” (and there’s a big difference in the sense of pride you feel when you say it.)
If any of those sound like the future you want, you need to join this program.
So many talented women seem to believe they are “no good at the business side,” are “terrible at marketing,” or “hate the numbers.” They’re totally wrong about that - it’s just that they haven’t learned those things yet.
Do any of these sound like things you tell yourself?
  • I’m no good at marketing - I never know what to say!
  • I’m not a numbers person - I have no idea how to use a spreadsheet and it kinda scares me.
  • Customers only care about price. They all want it for cheap. There’s nobody who will pay the prices I want.
  • Every time I have to send a quote, I cringe. (Sometimes I change it a bunch of times before sending it.)
  • I don’t think I can make enough money doing this.
  • I’m an introvert and hate talking to customers.
  • I’ve seen a bunch of people open their businesses then close them, and they have way more talent than I do. I’m never going ton make it.
  • There are already SO MANY other businesses out there doing what I do. Should I even bother?
I used to feel those ways about my business, too. Even though these days it might appear as though I’ve always been confident, in the beginning I too had lots of fear and doubt around my business.
Sure I was smart, ambitious, and I could pipe a beautiful border with one hand tied behind my back...but nobody had told me how to handle fear, self doubt or how to read a spreadsheet!
I knew I loved cake. I knew I wanted to make more of it, and I knew I wanted to get out of my dead-end job in University administration. (That job was also super boring, and cake is super fun.)
I also knew I had three kids (I’m a mom to triplets), a mortgage, and a husband who worked in an unstable industry. So making money HAD to be a part of this. I could not afford to just “wing it” and hope some money would come in.
Like you, baking and decorating was my happy place. I’d finally found something I was good at! (My first class was a Wilton Level 1 Buttercream class. I walked in terrified, and walked out feeling like a total rockstar and wanting to BUY ALL THE THINGS.)
 So how was I going to turn my hobby (which was quickly becoming an obsession) into a business that could help support my family?
I had to learn the business stuff – and improve my business skills right along with my decorating skills. You need to do that, too. It’s the only way to get from where you are now to where you want to be.
If nothing changes, nothing changes.
You can be the most talented person  in the world and still have no real clue how to turn that talent into a living.. No matter how many classes you go to, or how fast you get at filling and covering and flooding and dipping, you’ll still need to learn the things a business owner does. THAT is the secret ingredient to your successful and making money. LEARNING HOW TO RUN A BUSINESS, not just make awesome stuff.
Build Your Profitable Cake Business is designed to help you achieve those business dreams of yours, with personalised help and real-life advice every step of the way. I’ve personally been there and done that, and so have the other students in this class - together, we get you where to want to go.
In this fun and easy to follow and understand program, you’ll learn how to:
Price your cakes so that you’re covering costs AND making a profit (no more guessing!)
Manage your time so you procrastinate less and work fewer late nights (and can take time off, guilt free)
Get your business name out there, so more orders come your way (but not in a way that scares you or feels uncomfortable)
Build your business from a “when I get orders” business to a “I’ve got as much work as I want” business (how many orders is, is up to you!)
I’ve been teaching business skills to bakers and decorators all over the world for many years now, mentoring them on to take their cake business dreams and turn them into reality. I truly believe we are in this TOGETHER.
Here’s what several current students of this class have to say about it:
Janie Pangilinan
Tammy Youngerwood
Jo McKenzie
Running a business isn’t always easy. But it can be a lot easier on you than it is now.
This industry specific class was created especially for our industry...because I know first hand all of the highs and lows of running a custom cake business. It’s the resource I wish I had when I started out all those years ago.
Like you, I used to feel as though:
All those other decorators were KILLING it and making a fortune (when in reality, lots of them had day jobs or didn’t need to make full time money from it)
All those other decorators were WAY MORE TALENTED than I was (I’ll be honest, I was mostly copying other people’s designs from photos customers gave me)
I was already WORKING SO HARD just to get this one order a week, I couldn’t imagine having to find time to get more. How would I fit it all in? Worse yet, what if I took too much on and my family suffered?
I believed there would never be ENOUGH HOURS in the week to work on my business, be a mother, and try to have a life
Paige Beriman
"If you are considering doing this course I strongly recommend you do it: you'll get so much out of it. I've learned so much, I've gained so much confidence, and I just know that in the next 12 months and beyond my business is going to grow so fast now!"
Nadia Jay
"This has literally saved my baking business. Had I been carrying on the way I was going and not had the information that I had learned from Michelle, I don't think I'd be running this business this time next year. I've already booked up my calendar for next year. I've started to charge more, essentially earn more money. I feel confident in what I'm doing and way more positive about running a bakery and doing this forever"
Finally, I realised that the other people in the industry were NOT smarter, more talented, more artistic or had more time than I did. It wasn’t that they had magical resources I didn’t.
They just had a skill set I didn’t have: they knew how to run a business. I didn’t mind learning about decorating, but admitting I had to LEARN about business felt kinda, well, embarrassing (shouldn’t I know this stuff?) But I KNEW I needed that business knowledge part to make it work.
Over a space of ten  years, I did countless business classes, courses and workshops, hired business coaches, learned how to run my business by experience, and got as much formal and informal education as I could get my hands on. I kept learning, and learning, and learning about how to run a business...because it mattered a whole lot more than how well I could pipe or carve.
You’re probably reading this because you’ve also come to that realisation – that the creating part is the easy part, and even when it’s hard you can just Google for a tutorial to help you figure it out. You think you’ve got enough talent to sell your work. You know you have a head full of business dreams...maybe you can even picture a beautiful store front in your head, or imagine what it’s like to quit your day job and work from home full time. You want to do this, for real.
So - let’s shortcut the process together, save yourself all that time and money I spent on business education - and sign up for Build Your Profitable Cake Business. ​​​​​​​
Start building your profitable business – not in ten years, but TODAY. RIGHT NOW.
You’re not the only one out there who struggles with this stuff – most bakers and decorators I meet have the exact same problem. We got into this industry by accident.
One day we were making a cake or cookies for fun (usually for someone we love) and before we knew it, people were asking if we would make them a cake, too. Then – OH CRAP – they asked us for a price - and we panicked then either said, “no, it’s my gift to you,” or mumbled something and kinda hoped they wouldn’t mention it again.
Then we woke up and magically found ourselves in business, with plenty of enthusiasm and excitement (and okay a bit of fear too)...and we didn’t really know what we were doing.
Here’s what some of my current students  have experienced since joining this course:
This course is the only one of it’s kind in our industry – it’s real, it’s relatable, and most of all it’s designed to get you well on the path to the business you WANT to run. It also includes things most courses don’t - which is plenty of personal attention from me as and when you need it.
What if you’ve been at this for a while? Can you still learn something, even if you’re already running an established business?
The key word in ‘Build Your Profitable Cake Business’ is the word BUILD.
That means wherever you are, you’ve got access to the information and knowledge you’ll need to keep on growing and building.
For some of you, you’ll need to get a handle on your pricing. For others, you’ll get value out of the Masterclasses – which include topics like how to get started with teaching and how to expand the income streams of your business. Some people get a ton of value out of the OTHERS in the group - because we’ve all got different experiences and knowledge to share.
I’ve made sure that within this course there are multiple ways to learn no matter where you’re at in your business – and new content is being added as we go along and learn and grow together.
Before you join this course:
Loads of business mentors like to make claims like, “You can have your dream business in 3 months!” and “Start making profit within 7 days!” and “Learn to price your cakes in 5 minutes or less!” ARE THEY KIDDING ME?! THEY ARE SELLING YOU TOTAL BULLSHIT. I WILL NEVER, EVER DO THAT. In fact in this industry I am widely known as the “no bullshit” business woman and I intend to keep it that way. ​​​​​​​
Just like there is no magic pill or green smoothie which will make you lose weight in a short amount of time and KEEP IT OFF there is no “magic solution” which will give you a successful business overnight. I’m talking about teaching you to create a REAL, LONG TERM business THAT WORKS and MAKES MONEY. ​​​​​​​
That means we need solid knowledge and support, not insane promises of overnight success by people who didn’t even own businesses themselves.
If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme, or you want me to pretend it’s all going to be simple and you can just spend all your time hiding behind the cake... this isn’t the class for you.
I’m here to give you the resources and education to make sure you’re in business for the long haul – not just long enough to burn out and become bitter. I know this stuff works because not only did it work for me and my business, it’s worked for hundreds of other people across the globe.
Diana Fuzere
"Things have changed for me since taking BYPCB. December 2017 was the best month ever in my business: it was phenomenal, sales were 3x what I've had before. With the emphasis to use social media I've started posting on Facebook and it's paid off. I'm now getting people enquire from Facebook whom I've never met before. I've adjusted my pricing ie I've started to always include labor cost in case I get sick or too busy. I've become really clear what it is I really want out of my business, why I'm doing it, and that clarity has really helped me to gain what I need out doing this. I found the course extremely valuable!"
Andrea Vacek
"BYPCB was a big leap for me because it took a year's worth of business profits to get started, but it's been the greatest thing for me and my business! My favorite part of the course were the live video sessions because it helped to really address issues plaguing my business in a live environment with Michelle and other students. Michelle was also really accessible throughout and she was really there for us, her students. She taught me to be fearless and overcome doubts about the business. The class helped my business to grow, and also me - to grow as a person. If you are on the fence I'd highly recommend taking BYPCB!"
I’ve had the great honor (and shed a whole LOT of happy tears and gave a lot of emotional hugs) walking into the ‘dream’ store fronts of several of my students. I’ve seen their profiles and pictures in magazines, read their triumphant emails after they taught their first class, applauded the awards they’ve won. I’ve also applauded those who quit their day jobs, who run their businesses from home, and who got to finally live their lives on their terms. By teaching this class, I get to celebrate a whole lot of wins - big and small. The BIGGEST win is that these women took their business from chaos... to control.
I’ve also happy danced when they got to do things like take home a consistent salary, hire a bookkeeper, hire their first employee, expanded to a second location. I get to grin from ear to ear with  joy when they tell me they had their best month ever, when they are getting more than one order a week, or when they managed to take a vacation or get a decent night’s sleep. I’ve been witness to a whole lot of people who are no more talented, smart, wealthy or younger than you – actually get what they want (money, time, fame, joy, comfort, pride, excitement - and loads more) from their business. They are building the businesses they want, and you can too.
You should know we don’t just have cake makers in this class – we’ve got cookie makers, macaron makers, pie makers, cake pop people and even a few artists who don’t make sweets at all. If you’re someone who makes and sells things with your hands and skill (edible or not!), you’re in the right place.
Here’s what you should look for in a business course
A leader who has been there, done that – in a real business, with real employees, making a real living. (Not someone who is internet famous but mumbles when you ask for proof their business existed.)
A mentor willing to hold your hand, show you the way with actionable steps, and who will happily answer any questions you’ve got (and there are NO silly questions) (And yeah, it’s true, I personally read and reply to every email I get.)
A supportive community who understands that it isn’t how fast you go, it’s just that you’re going! (Progress is better than getting stuck.)
A mix of support and motivation – so you’ll get things sorted out then be inspired to take it to the next level. We’re getting shit done here, and we’re holding your hand when that gets tough.
Completely honest, no bullshit, actually DOABLE help and advice...because there is NO POINT in this if you can’t get it done.
About Your Mentor, Michelle Green:
I started my business illegally on my kitchen table (first cake, $30!) – and ten years later, I sold my beautiful dream store front to mentor our industry full time. I started, built it and sold it all while being a Mom to triplets, a wife, sister and friend (oh and along the way, I lost 150lbs. For real.) No, I’m not superwoman. I’m just someone who GETS STUFF DONE. It might not be pretty or perfect, but it gets done.
No, I didn’t do it perfectly all the time, but I DID do it and I’m immensely proud of that achievement – and even more proud to be able to share that knowledge with you. Running my own business is in my blood – my parents did it too. I watched and learned as my parents managed a business and a family at the same time – but even that didn’t prepare me for actually doing it myself. Nothing prepared me for running my own business... truthfully in the beginning I thought it was all about being able to produce beautiful, yummy things. I totally thought it was a “If you build it, they will come,” situation. (I mean really who doesn’t like cake right? And chocolate? Apparently not everyone, and that was news to me.)
Of course the product is super important, but I very quickly learned that I couldn’t just make it, I had to sell it! By far, the business skills I gained and learned while running my own business taught me so much about business, but also about myself and what I’m capable of.

In this course, I share with you all the things I learned – even the stuff which didn’t work, and the stuff I wish someone had told me earlier (I would have saved myself a whole lot of tears and money.) I want to be a mentor, a role model AND a friend to you as you discover just how much you totally CAN make this business work. You will always, ALWAYS get the no-holds-barred honest truth from me. We are in this together and that means we’ve got to trust one another. Here’s me in action:

What Do I Get In This Class?
8 weeks of live coaching calls. These are a mix of mini classes and 4 Q & A sessions where you can literally ask me anything you like. Every single student of BYPCB has told me they LOVE these, because a weekly dose of Michelle love is like a gently hug and a kick up the bum at the same time.

It’s your opportunity to get immediate answers to the questions you need answered most – you get help directly from me, every week for 8 weeks.

(And if you’re worried about time zones – don’t be. Every call will get recorded so if you miss it, you’ll still get access to it.) It’s BY FAR the thing my current students love the MOST about this class. They ALWAYS ask for more calls (and, spoiler alert: I often add in bonus ones.)
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My flagship online class, Confident Pricing.

Pricing is the foundation of all our businesses but it’s also the one thing a lot of us really struggle with.

This single class has taught hundreds of people not only how to work out their prices once and for all, but also how to ask for those prices and actually get them.
This class includes a heap of  downloadable spreadsheets and  worksheets, so a lot of the groundwork is already done for you.
This class includes two bonus videos - “Should I work for free?” and “Should I offer discounts?”
This class also includes 2 bonus audio lessons about money mindset - because how we feel and talk about money matters a whole lot.
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My Confident Marketing class.

This class will teach you how to get your order book filled up, month after month. My marketing class is filled with loads of super doable, super easy ways to market your business and get organised about it, so you’re not sitting there on December 24th wishing you’d offered a holiday special. We don’t always have a lot of time or money to do our marketing, and some of us would rather stick hot pokers in our eyes than talk about ourselves, so Confident Marketing was created to solve those problems.
It’s designed to make marketing something you can do, not something you avoid. (even for us that are introverts!)
This class includes downloadable worksheets and calendars so you can immediately get organised and get started with a marketing plan.
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Masterclasses – each lesson has a downloadable worksheet:
Time Management
Selling at Markets and Events
Conducting Tastings
Diversifying Your Income
Social Media Mastery
Handling Difficult Customers
Getting Started With Teaching
Getting started with Google AdWords and FB Ads
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You also get...

Access to a private Facebook group filled with business owners just like you – the most encouraging and lovely group you’ll ever join. Because it’s a private, paid group, there is NO nastiness, no crazy behaviour and no irritating questions. I don’t allow bitchiness in there at all, so we have fun for sure but we’re there to lift one another up.
A PDF version of my book
New content: as I create new things throughout the year, my Build Your Profitable Cake Business students will get priority access.
How Is the Class Delivered?
All 8 weeks of the live calls at a click of a button - you can dial in toll-free from a mobile phone or watch online. They are all recorded, so if you can’t make it live you still get the benefit of the content and watch when it suits you.
The online classes have super practical, fun and easy to follow videos for each module – they’re broken down into short videos so you can watch as you’ve got the time and can implement changes as you learn them. I’ve designed them to be easy to watch AND easy to do so that you don’t get overwhelmed!
Step by step downloadable instructions, worksheets and exercises to help implement what you’ve learned. Click to download – nice and easy.
Audio bonus modules so you can listen as you work - kinda like listening to the radio as you work, only way more informative.
Membership in our Facebook group – the most supportive group you could hope to be a part of.
You can dip in and out of the content as and when you like – I’ve got recommendations for how to do this, but you can learn at your own pace.
Access (via email) to me personally so I can help you work through any questions or problems you may have. Yes, I personally answer EVERY SINGLE EMAIL I get and I give priority to my students of BYPCB.
Choose Your Investment Option:
  • One time single payment of $847 USD
  • Best deal - save $93 and no further billing
  • All bonuses, resources, course materials
  • ​​​​​​​Ongoing access
  • Business Coaching from Michelle
  • Pay $94 USD x 10 monthly payments then no more to pay
  • ​​​​​​​Budget-friendly - less than the cost of a coffee a day!
  • All bonuses, resources, course materials
  • Ongoing access
  • Business Coaching from Michelle
  • 29
  • 09
  • 12
  • 21

You’ve tried doing it on your own. You might have even tried doing it with another class or mentor.

This time, it’s going to be different.

We’re in this together.

I know you can succeed at building a profitable business. I’ve done it, and I’ve taught thousands of others to do it too.

If you are always focussing on the stuff you make rather than the business side of things, NOTHING is ever going to change for you.

​​​​​​​THIS CLASS is how you gain control over your time, make more money and get more customers. And you can start doing that TODAY.

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