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Cake Boss Software
Cake Boss Software

One of the things I talk about A LOT in my business class and here on the blog is how important it is to have systems and procedures in place for your cake business.  It’s a simple fact that the more successful you become, the more paperwork you generate! It’s also true that the job most cake makers seem to hate the most is pricing, quoting, recipe costing…really anything at all to do with numbers! I came across CakeBoss software many years ago when I was first starting out, and recently I had the opportunity to re-visit it as part of my blog research. I was impressed with it back then but it’s come a VVVEEERRYYYY long way since.  I had a good play and poke around with the current version and I stand by my recommendation that it’s one of the most useful products specific to our industry.  Given all the features it has it’s also really affordable, which makes it especially appealing to those of us big on enthusiasm but short on cash.

Let me just say right off the bat that this isn’t a simple “cakeulator” type of product. It’s a financial system for your business – and it’s cloud based, which for those non-techy of us means you can access it from any device (phone, iPad, laptop…) Here are some of my favourite features – but here’s a full list of what it offers.

  • You can cost out recipes, and then also work out how much it’s costing you to create a complete, specific order for a customer. This means that you can account for stuff like cake boards or items you already have in stock.
  • You can email a customer a quote or invoice from the program directly (no saving, attaching, blah blah.) You can also attach things like contracts and terms and conditions (and we all know how I feel about those!)
  • You can add images to your orders, so sketches or photos of the finished product to reference later.
  • You can integrate it with PayPal, which means if you don’t currently have credit card facilities, clients can still use their credit card to pay you via PayPal.
  • You can use it in llloooaaaddsss of different currencies
  • You can upload receipts to your expenses, so they are not taking up a bunch of room (or floating around in the bottom of your handbag)
Cake Boss Software
Cake Boss Software

My personal favourite features are that you can record a customer’s special date (anniversary etc) so that you can contact them later about it.  In my opinion, that’s brilliant marketing – get to your customer right before their event – “We notice it’s James’s birthday soon, can we help with the cake?” and you’re both solving their problem and getting yourself a repeat customer. WIN/WIN. My other favourite feature is the reporting. I’m a huge nerd about reporting. I want to know what’s happening without having to hunt through piles of paperwork. There are CRAZY amounts of cool reports in this thing! Current inventory, a shopping list for a specific order, a production report for that week’s orders and so on. Seriously, it warms the cockles of my nerdy business woman heart to see the reporting options.

Do I love this thing? You bet I do. I think it’s brilliant, and I know that the Cake Boss team is always adding in new features in response to client feedback.  Most of all I love that even those of us who hate this math thing, who hate the “boring but important” stuff of our business – can still make it work without losing their minds. I’ve actually been promoting this software LONG before I ever wrote a blog and I’m happy to continue to do so. I especially love it for small businesses or home based businesses that can’t invest huge amounts of time or money in complex financial systems but who want to be doing things correctly from the outset.  If you want to see how it works in detail, there are a heap of You Tube videos and a webinar on it.


The small print: The above is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own and everything contained within this post was written by me. I’ll never ever lie about a product just to make a buck – basically if I don’t truly love it or think it’s useful, I won’t write about it.

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  1. I love baking.i want to get serious with cake business apart from being a nutritionist.I need help in this business,material and tools to use.I enjoy watching cake boss and I learn some things from his programmes TLC

  2. I am in need of the software to help me cost my baking – please can you give me more information ? I live in Johannesburg, South Africa.
    Many thanks

  3. Like many other ladies and gents here, I have an organized chaos where my business paperwork and such is concerned. I invoice most of my orders through paypal, others however pay with check or cash, so I hang onto the ATM or bank receipts as proof of payment. These live in an accordion file. Then I have order forms with their corresponding contracts and cake design sketch in a binder. I also have a different file for my business expenses/receipts divided up by category (cake tools, ingredients, marketing, etc.) The sad part is, I don’t really DO anything with all this information I keep around. It just hangs out taking up space!

  4. I am currently LOST. I am 5 1/2 months into business, and most I have my mileage written in a notebook, receipts by the month are in small manilla envelope. I do not know how to create spreadsheets neither do I understand business terminology enough to know how to produce a profit/ loss data analysis for my tax preparer. The hubs wanted to file our tax return last week, yet I am far from ready. I desire the Cake Boss software as I idolize the youtube video of information.

  5. What a lovely review! To be honest, I afraid to click on this and clearly I should have had more faith. What I’ve seen repeatedly online is “how do I price my cakes” and someone inevitably posts a two word answer, “cake boss”. As you made it eloquently clear, Cake Boss helps you do a lot of wonderful things, including cost out your cakes, but it doesn’t answer the question “how do I price my cakes?” Thank you, Michelle!

    1. Hi Carol,

      Actually CakeBoss DOES help you to price cakes, using the function of The Pricing Calculator.

      There are of course variations in terms of who your target market is, what area you are selling in, and what you are needing and wanting to make in profit, but NO software in the world will answer those questions for you. That’s more about doing your research ad leg work, and knowing for yourself the kind of money you’re needing to bring home in order to fulfill your own definitions of success. You’ve got to put in the effort. A bit like with weight loss, programs like South Beach and surgery like lap-band are tools to help you get there, but ultimately you’re the one responsible for choosing what to eat and how much to exercise. 🙂 I hope that makes sense and best of luck! – Michelle

  6. Currently using Google Drive + Calendar, but it’s clunky, not quite integrated or robust enough to stand up to the task! This would make life soooo much easier!

  7. I use a notebook, agenda and my computer to manage my bussiness. But I really want to get organized. I´d love to win this prize. Grettings form Mexico 🙂

  8. I currently sadly use a big fat spreadsheet that I’ve evolved over time – yes it’s crap but it get’s me through the accounting stuff – something for which I am TERRIBLE at (as most creative people are) My fingers and toes are crossed!

    (OMG MIchelle, look at all the awesome comments!!!)

  9. Currently I’m managing by business paperwork by tracking all contracts/emails in folders, Excel spreadsheet and a Monthly-day planner.Feels like I’m writing things out 3 times and it still doesn’t feel organized or efficient enough. To be honest, it’s clearly the biggest problem business wise. And taxes, forget about it…I’m two years behind…really! I am not in denial that I need a better system. It’s just where to begin?

  10. Wow, I’m currently trying to decide what apps I need to make my cake decorating business easier and the quoting process faster. Looks like this is just the thing. Keeping my fingers crossed that I will be a lucky winner. Thanks for the review Michelle. xx

  11. I spend far to much time thinking and hashing out ways I could be pricing and recording this business stuff. This would be the answer to my problems.

  12. Right now, I use notebooks, my phone calendar and a cardboard filing box to keep my paperwork together. Not only would the Cake Boss software help me organize my paperwork, it would help me with pricing as well.

  13. I don’t think what I’m currently doing can be called managing my business paperwork!!! Just really mismanaging it. I defineatly do everything the long and difficult way. I have piles of papers, dockets, invoices and other important documents that I’m not sure how to record and store. Pricing is always calculated wrongly. I largely resort to the ‘off the top of my head’ technique, or ‘what do I think people might pay for this’ which are both very inconsistent and can often leave me working for less than I should. Would like to streamline the paperwork side of this in my business so I can start being more effective at handling customers, and business finances.

  14. I use Quickbooks to handle my paperwork. I also have the due date on my iPhone and wrote down on a calendar just in case. I have only been in business since September 2014 and I’m working through taxes right now. Arrgggg…so complicated.

  15. I currently log my expenses in a notebook, keep track of my bookings in a calendar, make shopping lists on scraps of paper, send my customers contracts and booking forms that i’ve created in word, and have trouble with pricing!

  16. I’ve just started my business, and a have a few templates, tables and spreadsheets happening, but honestly, I get very confused when it comes to GST and figuring out the difference between my profit and wages in among the prices I am charging. And is my pricing reasonable anyway? For me and for my client? So much to learn! This software sounds very good, especially if it’s endorsed by you Michelle!

  17. Woefully I would say. This part of business always seems so daunting & manual. I store my business paperwork & information in notebooks, post-it notes and a folder in which I’ve squished most of my recipes and receipts (the ones i could find) . It would be lovely to have everything in one spot. Thanks for this opportunity.

  18. I’m doing it the old school way right now.. I keep an organiser calendar for bookings dates, a sketch book for cakes drawings and also list to do in their order, the shopping list as per cake order in another log book, I send out quote and order confirmation from word document which I send to my phone and screenshot it to send to customers thru WhatsApp. So I have like 4 precious books for my orders and my phone and laptop.. and boy! Oh the accounting part is in my laptop and organiser.. so, This software would definitely be a super precious one stop counter for me! Fingers; toes all crossed! : D thank you so much for this and also for sharing all your valuable posts n inputs for us newbies. God bless! ××

    1. I recently learned that in a lot of Asian or SE Asian countries, business is done via WhatsApp or Blackberry Messenger and that this is a very normal, accepted way to run even a larger business. I found that fascinating.

  19. I would really love this software. I am new to the business side of caking and I am struggling big time. I don’t know how to manage my pricing, let alone paper work. This software would really help me get my head in the game, properly. Thanks for opportunity! 🙂

  20. I have a very old copy of the Cake Boss software on a very old dodgy computer so half the time it’s a trusty old calculator! The software and program are amazing and have definitely made my life easier in the past Haven’t been able to move to the cloud due to cost at the moment so crossing fingers 🙂

  21. Well, the answer to how I handle my paperwork is…not very well! I need some major help. Right now I’ve been catching up on all my costing and doing it by hand. Talk about hard work. Phew!

  22. I looked at cake boss cloud the other day after hearing you mention it Michelle and it sounds great. I currently use spread sheets and word docs and pdf’s for my paperwork and since I work in IT they are pretty good and do a lot of the manual work with formulas etc but I still find them a bit cumbersome. Cake boos has everything all in one place.

  23. I am a major spreadsheet geek so I have lots of different sheets to keep track of everything. Fingers crossed I win this so I can keep everything in one place!

  24. I haven’t started my business yet, but what paperwork I have so far is scattered between binders and random files and folders on my computer. Hoping to win Cake Boss so I can consolidate everything!

  25. I have a friend who is an accountant and she can tell me down to the last cent how much her royal icing costs. This program would be such an asset for the home baker, hobbyist and professional. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win this.

    1. Shelley, The end of the post has a white box which shows you the steps to entering. 🙂 If you’re looking at this on a phone it might be hard to see it, try it from a laptop or PC.

  26. I file every where, with bit of paper sticking to everything I own. Half the time I lose receipts or have receipts and don’t know where they belong. It a fire hassord to say the least

  27. I recently opened up cake business in my town and I must admit, without my mom, I would be totally lost! I believe CakeBoss software would be a big help for both of us.

  28. I’m getting ready to launch my baking business and Cakeboss is on my list of MUST HAVE’s. For the few orders for family and friends I just calculate by hand.

  29. Arrrrgggghhhhh I desperately need this! My current system is one plastic pocket for all receipts, then tally them up at the end of the financial year on excel (and feel disappointed when I realise how little money I actually earned). So guilty!

  30. Hi Michelle!!! I’m a huge fan from Argentina. I keep my paperwork, numbers and recipe cost con excel, but i’ll love to sin this software!! Thank you so much for this opportunity!!!

  31. Hello! Right now I use Freshbooks to invoice and print off the invoices to work from, but the CakeBoss software sounds much better!! Thanks for the giveaway (fingers crossed) and for all of your great blog articles!!

  32. I NEED this!!! I use my calendar right now for all my orders dates, payment schedules and contracts. I use a notebook for my sketches and I have a basic quoting system that works for me but it would be much better to have it all streamlined in one place.

  33. My current method of keeping up with my business paper work is by using notebooks. Notebooks here and there with due dates, appointments, orders, and whatnot. Thankfully [but not too much so] I don’t have a ton of clients where this would just be a disastrous filing system. 🙂

  34. Lucky for me I am an accountant so managing my business paperwork is second nature. I use MYOB for my business. My system is to collate my receipts in a set spot and usually mid month and at the end of the month I add them to the system and reconcile. I then like to put my receipts in date order and staple them behind the bank reconciliation, profit and loss and balance sheet that I have generated for that month. Everything is then stored in a binder that I keep next to my computer at all times.

    I find this way everything is always up to date and easily accessible. I probably could attend to my bookkeeping more frequently, but as I do it for a day job sometimes I don’t always want to work on accounts when I get home at night.

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