Cakers Behaving Badly: Solving the Problems We Complain About Most


Are there things that your customers do that really bothers you? Today I am going to be discussing the kinds of matters that we, as cakers, tend to complain about in relation to our customers, that is not really okay to complain about. This is actually about the kind of things that we do as consumers – and this is why I honestly don’t think that it gives us very much right to actually complain about them. So join me for today’s episode and listen in as I talk about the kind of stuff that we tend to grumble about – which is actually pretty unfair to complain about. 

“It’s not the consumer’s fault if they don’t know what they don’t know.”

Every day I read emails, Facebook posts and other social media stuff where people complain endlessly about the behavior of clients. Sometimes though, we as business owners, are actually part of that problem. We can’t expect to be treated one way by people unless we abide by those very same rules, because I just don’t think that’s cool. I think it’s really important to treat people in the same way that we would like to be treated, so listen in today as I discuss some of the things that we shouldn’t be complaining about at all.

Show Highlights:

  • People sometimes want to talk about price – and we claim that’s all they care about.
  • I will check the price of pasta, however, I’m not usually too concerned with the cost of ice cream. (Unless I’m having a kid’s party.)
  • Sometimes price does matter, but more often than not there’s way more to it than the price – especially with a custom product.
  • People who are only concerned with the price may simply not be the best customers for you.
  • We are customers too – and sometimes we only care about the price.
  • We tend to hate it when people get several quotes.
  • If you don’t send in your quote, you are certain not to get the gig.
  • Some people keep on texting you and they demand a quick answer from you.
  • Demanding texts become your problem when you don’t have reasonable boundaries.
  • Ways to set reasonable boundaries with your customers.
  • Big ideas with a really small budget can be irritating, frustrating or even disappointing for a caker.
  • Remember that the general consumer who is buying from you has no concept of the work required to get the job done.
  • We get annoyed when our customers don’t give us feedback.
  • Taking responsibility for encouraging a culture of feedback with your customers.
  • Providing feedback for goods or services that you have bought.



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