Confused in CakeLand: BoB Edition

Nothing to do with today’s post. But it’s Pink! and Sparkly!

I recently asked you to complete a survey for me and there were so many lovely responses – thank you! Several people asked questions within their responses, and I figure if one person is asking that means ten others want to know the same thing.

The “Confused in Cakeland” series is where I answer your questions which are shorter or easier or funnier – and today I’m going to do that but answer the more common questions I got in the survey. Some of these I have paraphrased and the survey responses were anonymous so I don’t actually know who asked what.

I’ve grouped them by subject so it’s a little easier to follow.

About The Blog

I love the interview series you do but I hate how the professionals you’ve interviewed give politician style scripted answers and I don’t really think they are showing the darker side of the industry.
They aren’t scripted and I do ask them to be as honest as possible. I don’t edit a single word of what they say other than fixing up spelling. If they are not as honest as you think they should be, it’s probably because they do not wish to expose their vulnerabilities in front of a global audience. Hey, rock stars are human too. Most people aren’t so willing to lay it bare as I am.
Please write more about the actual business side of baking.
I aim for a balance of writing about important business skills and important life lessons. If this was a dry, boring business blog I’d lose all of you pretty quickly…and besides, I’m personally not dry and boring so I’m not good at writing like that! I really think business is about LIFE as much as it is about business.

Please tell me how to write a business plan.
I did a 3 part series about this: Business Plans Part One, Business Plans Part Two,  Business Plans Part Three.

I liked it better when the blog had an actual defined plan to it, now your posts seem a little all over the place.
The blog never had a plan as such – I have a list of topics I think are interesting or that people have asked me about, and each week I decide what to write about. Sometimes I just write off the top of my head based on a conversation or experience I’ve had, sometimes I write about stuff which is happening in the industry (like copyright!) Sometimes, I ditch all of that and just write from my heart. I am however aware that some of you would prefer it had a more ‘serious’ angle to it – as I mentioned above, I do my best to balance it. The nature of it is that not all posts are relevant to all people. You take out of it what’s good for you and leave the rest (a bit like picking the yummy hazelnut ones out of the box of chocolates.)

Do you teach online classes?

I sure do! I currently offer three ways to learn: the 30 Days of Awesome (an online class about your mojo and getting it), Confident Pricing (an online class about pricing and communicating with clients), and I offer one-on-one mentoring. You can also sign up for the newsletter (free), read the blog (free), hang out with me on social media (free) or join my FB group (also free!).

Note: Later in 2015 my Confident Marketing class will be released. If you want to be on the VIP list for that class, sign up HERE.

Can you put more photos in your posts?
I’m working on it! I’m by nature more wordy than I am picture-y but I’m getting better.

Can you put more funny stories in your posts?
I try to put a personal story in each post, certainly if it’s relevant I like to share real life stories. As for being funny…well, I’ll do my best but my life isn’t all that hilarious. (Well, actually, it is. But I can’t always make my hilarious stories relevant to the business world.)

Can you write more about pricing and marketing?
Yes, sure – and here’s a little tip for you. At the bottom of each post you’ll see I’ve got categories listed. If you click on one of those, you’ll get a list of ALL the posts which cover that specific topic. Can’t see something you like? No worries, email me your article idea – michelle @

Can you please feature some failure stories? Highlight some things most people fail at, so I can avoid doing the same thing?
Thanks for the great post idea. I’m not such a fan of talking about failure but if people can learn something from it, that’s a good thing – I’ll add it to my list.

Do I need to set up a Google account to comment on the blog?
Nope. You can also comment anonymously if you like. I’d love it if you would comment more often, as it’s nice for the (non Facebook) community to hear what you think and feedback is always useful and appreciated. I heart blog comments!
About The Business of Baking on Tour

What is it? I’ve heard of it but have no idea what it is.

In the United States, it’s a 1 day business class which covers four topics: Pricing, Marketing, Time Management and Work/Life Balance. You can find out more AT THIS LINK.

It’s a 2 day class followed by a 10 week e-class and 2 webinars (and FB group and a bunch of other stuff) run by me and Sharon Wee.  There is nothing like it currently on the market and you can read more about it here: BoB on Tour.

I’m not sure if it’s suitable for me, isn’t it more for beginners? I’ve been in business a while now.
It’s for anyone in business or who wants to be. As each group is very small, we tailor the content accordingly.  The people who have done it so far range from people with a dream to people who own shops and are established teachers.

Will the Tour be coming to England? Kenya? Northern Canada? The Netherlands? Miami? St Louis? Melbourne? New York? Greece? Argentina? (etc)
I’d love to go to ALL of those places and then some, but the reality of it is there are only so many trips we can make. Plus there just has to be enough interest for us to go to these amazing places.

In 2015, we’re coming to see you in: San Francisco CA, Tampa FL, Waco TX, Pittsbugh PA, New  York/NJ, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth.

If you can gather up a group of friends who would be interested in us teaching in your city, we’re happy to come. Just email me and I’ll explain how to host us.

Is there a payment plan?
Yes, there is a payment plan for the Australian classes.

I desperately wanted to go but it was too expensive.
Cheap cake isn’t good, and good cake isn’t cheap, right? Please feel free to make use of the payment plan, that’s what it’s there for.

Can you please stop talking about it?
Nope. I work really hard on it, I really believe in it, it changes people’s lives, I love doing it…and it helps me to feed and clothe my kids. I will however do my best not to bombard you with mentions of it.
About Me 

Are you really a cake decorator?
Yes. I’ve been a cake decorator since I was a kid but ‘officially’ since I was 16 years old and I’m now 38. I prefer buttercream over fondant mostly because I think it looks yummier, I really love to freehand pipe, and overall I much prefer kids or novelty cakes to wedding cakes.

That’s me and my sister, she’s cutting my first ‘comissioned’ cake when I was 16.

Thank you for being so honest, it’s refreshing and I love that you don’t bullshit me.
You’re welcome. I’m really glad that I got this comment so many times in this survey. It means you can all ‘hear’ who I really am in this blog and that’s what I wanted it to be. Real. Honest. No bullshit.

How long have you owned a business?
As a shop front, over 10 years, but the business existed long before then as an illegal, not properly registered but I had the business cards, made no money, do everything on my kitchen table type of business. 

Are there any cake companies or cake decorators you admire?
Yes, lots of them! Want to hear the sappy truth? I admire the people who volunteered to be my part of my real life series a whole heck of a lot. Yes, I’ve got cake heroes who are big names, but I’m actually far more inspired by the people who read this blog. You’re a really talented bunch and every day you push me to be better both at cake and at blogging.

Can we please hang out sometime?
So if you don’t want to do the Tour and you don’t live in Australia, you can hang out with me via Skype. I do a bit of one-on-one mentoring. Plus if I’m travelling to your city, I’m always happy to hang out, you’ve just got to get in touch and invite me.

A recent find. I NEED this chair, right?

What’s up with the whole chair thing?
For those who don’t know, I’m obsessed by colourful, funky, interesting chairs. Mostly oversized armchairs but I really just love them all.  I’ve posted several on Instagram recently so this question probably means this person has seen them there. Some women are into shoes or clothes, I’m into chairs. Probably because I love to read, and it’s best to do that in a cool chair.

Do you have any hobbies other than the blog or cake?
Well, for one I have a bit of a chair thing going on. Actually I’ve got a lot of hobbies and interests but most of all I love to read and I love to hang out with people in real life – I’m as chatty as you might imagine. I’d go out to lunch or coffee with people every single day if I could. 

So hopefully that covers most of the questions you may have but were afraid to ask (or just haven’t had the opportunity to ask!)  If you’ve got any others, feel free to comment below or drop me a line. Next week it’s back to business (ha!) with normal posts.

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  1. I love reading your blog (so does my husband) and just wanted to say a big thank you.
    It’s often your posts that keep me smilling.
    So thanks again for the inspiration 🙂

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