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While I’m not a huge fan of buying cake toys for the heck of it, every once in a while I come across something which is truly useful and it’s a no brainer to justify buying it. A cake maker friend showed me her Craftabout and then I knew I had to get my hands on one – how ridiculously awesome is this? Finally a nice, tidy place to keep all the “where the heck did I put this thing?” tools and tiny bits and pieces we’ve all got in our kitchens. The Craftabout has 7 clear acrylic compartments on the base (25cm wide), which spins like a lazy susan – and each compartment is 80mm wide so you can fit a decent amount of stuff in each one and see what’s in there.

IMG_3522Hobby Hoppers, which is a boutique company owned by Trish and Barbara (who are niece and Aunt), the Craftabout has about a million and one uses in a cake business – including just watching it spin instead of getting any real work done! (Okay, so maybe don’t use it for that purpose…)  Hobby Hoppers sell a number of craft and handmade products which cake people will find useful, everything from washi tape to ribbon and note cards. I got a little bit lost when I went to have a poke around their Ebay store because they have truly brilliant stuff.

I’m especially proud to be supporting a local, small innovative business (they actually invented the product!) and highly recommend both the Craftabout and the women at Hobby Hoppers. It’s a truly useful item with multiple applications and would suit a small or home based cake business…although in my house, it’s going to quickly be used by the kids for all their endless school supplies instead.

You can find out more about Hobby Hoppers and their products online at the following:

Or if you’d like to purchase your own Craftabout (or let’s face it, other cool stuff), you can purchase here:
Hobby Hoppers are happy to consider international shipments, just get in touch with them to arrange it.


One of my lucky readers (Australian residents only) will WIN A CRAFTABOUT (and believe me, you so want one)!

To win, simply like both pages on Facebook, then comment below and tell me, other than cake stuff, what would you fill your Craftabout with?

One winner will be chosen at random – competition closes Friday 23, 2015 at 12 AEST. Only one entry per person.

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Full disclosure: I didn’t get paid to write this review, but the gorgeous HH girls insisted on giving me a Craftabout of my own to have. It’s awesome. I didn’t say no.

17 comments on “The Craftabout Giveaway!

  1. I am training my daughter to model with polymer clay so she can eventually move on to fondant and take over my cake empire 😛 The Craftabout would be perfect for all her modelling tools.

  2. If I wasn’t using it for my caking equipment it would look spectacular filled with lollies to get me through those late nights of caking. Bullets in one, M&Ms in another, marshmallows, Jellybeans…… The list goes on. How pretty would it be spinning it around making your lolly selection

  3. What a great giveaway, useful for so many hobbies! I would use it for my card making tools and essentials, it would certainly be well utilised!! Thankyou!

  4. Definitely would be well utilised for my cake tools after spending 2 days cleaning ALL my cake supplies (I think I have a serious addiction)

    But I could use it for so many things, my daughters various craft clays & derwents, my make up & facial products (that I never get to use), a Bertie battle holder to hide from my daughter …. I could go on & on & on!!!! Lol

  5. I would fill my craft about with colouring in pencils, felt pens, rulers, and all the things needed to do homework projects. It elimates the ” I can’t do my homework because I can’t find …..”

  6. Hi, Michelle,
    I can never find my sissors, pencil and tape measure. This would be ideal to be on my computer where I do alot of my sugar work so I can keep up to date with my Facebook friends at the same time.

  7. my drill bits and paint brushes, it would keep them tidy. I could also clean up that messy drawer of utensils and spatulas that drives me nuts haha! Thanks for the giveaway

  8. As it asks what you would use it for non cooking wise – i would use it for my make up brushes – it would be great to have those sorted.

  9. I think it would be great to store those annoying items from the kitchen second drawer. You know all the kitchen tools that always finish up in a mess in the drawer, the ones that you constantly have to rumage through while in the middle of trying to cook dinner.

    1. Hi Shelley,
      This is a local company who can only ship locally, a product I love, and I’ve got a significant Australian following. I’m sorry you are upset that you can’t enter, but next month’s giveaway is international, so you’re welcome to enter that one if you like. – Michelle

  10. I’d fill it with all my pastry brushes, my spatulas, basically all my pastry chef equipment.
    Or…. I’d finally organise my office…… Maybe?

  11. My kitchen draw is stuff FULL of cooking utensils! No matter how many DRAW inserts I have brought to try help organise them, :/ they STILL get messy and caught when I pull out my kitchen draw.
    This caddy is a FABULOUS way to stop the messy kitchen draw!!

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