The End of Year Wrap Up


It’s only a few days now until the end of the year and it’s been a GINORMOUS year for me and for the blog. Among other things, I taught live classes all over the globe, published my first book and got the opportunity to meet many of you via my webinars and online classes. This time of year there are a few rituals I like to do which set me up for the new year and I’d like to share them with you. I do most of these but you might like to pick one or two which suit you best.

  • Word of The Year: Rather than make resolutions, I pick a word of the year to be my theme for that year. Originally I learned to do this via Christine Kane, she’s got a great worksheet for figuring your year out. For me it serves as a guiding light for the WAY I want to live my life in the coming year more than the specific things I want to do.
  • The “As If” Letter: At the end of the year I write myself a letter from the future. I write it as though it’s NEXT December and I’m writing to tell myself about all the cool things that have happened to me. It goes something like this, “Dear Michelle, it’s been such a crazy amazing year! This year I .. and I… and it felt amazing. The best part was when I…and it felt like I…” You get the idea. The key is to write as though these things already happened. Then seal the letter up and put it in your calendar for next December, then open it. I think you’ll be amazed at how many things actually came true!
  • The “And What Else?” Exercise: This one requires that you find a friend willing to do this with you. You both sit down and write a list of all the things you’re proud of having accomplished this year. ANYTHING at all, it does not need to be business. When you can’t think of a single other thing, look at each other and ask, “And what ELSE?” Write until you can’t think of anything else. Then ask, “And what else?” and challenge yourself to come up with 5 more things. Then 5 more, then 5 more until you’re getting to silliness like “I’m proud of wearing clean undies today,” Stop and share with one another. Really, really bask in the awesomeness of that HUGE list, which started out with only a few things on it.


  • The Conversation With Michelle phone call:  This one is especially for readers of this blog. It’s similar to the “as if” letter but a bit more personal. Imagine it’s exactly one year from today, and I call you and say, “Hey, we haven’t chatted since last year. Catch me up on the news! What have you been up to?” Now make a list of all the things you’d LOVE to tell me about in that conversation. What kinds of things do you want to tell me about your business that you KNOW I’d be super proud and excited to hear about?
  • Lastly – I have a series of 5 questions I ask myself at the end of the year, as a way of reviewing my business and giving me some guidance into next year. I think they’re pretty essential questions and they really make me sit up and listen to myself rather than just go “yeah yeah, I’ll get around to it.” You can listen to the webinar I recently did about these questions with Avalon Cakes School of Sugar Art by clicking HERE.

2016 was a crazy, mad year – some major shifts happened globally, and we lost some beautiful artistic souls. I’m finding it hard to find ANYONE who says this year wasn’t a little bit on the bonkers side. The good news is, so far we’ve all survived it and this means things can only get better from here.

Thank you so much for your love, support and most of all, for staying with me and taking the time to learn some new skills and be a part of my community. Without you, I’m just sitting here eating Oreos and talking to myself.


P.S. I’ve had a dozen or so emails asking me if there is a way to support the blog (and me) without purchasing a book or course. Truly, that you keep reading, writing to me and sharing your stories is enough thanks. If you’d like to make a financial contribution, you can do so by clicking here.

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