How Far You’ve Come

Facebook memories recently popped this little gem up for me:

As I sit here writing this, I know the following for sure:

  1. I turned that mentoring of one Mum into an international blog, book, podcast and I teach both digital and in person classes. When I wrote that post seven years ago, I had NO idea any of this would happen, or that it was even POSSIBLE for me. Sometimes our potential is so much greater than what we dare to dream or which even occurs to us in the first place. If you’d asked me then what I was going to do with that, I’d have shrugged and said, “I’ve got no idea. Right now it’s just cool to be asked.”
  2. Nobody is born an expert at anything, not even pooping and breathing. Some people have a hard time with those right from the start (just ask their worried mothers). We all run around feeling like we’re impostors. Newsflash, we all are CLUELESS at the beginning and we learn as we go along. That someone asked you to make a cake, asked to pick your brain about something, teach them a skill or wants you to explain something to them is all the proof you need that you know stuff they don’t. They aren’t asking you to know everything or to be an expert. They’re saying – you know stuff, I need to know stuff, can you help me with that thing? They are NOT saying, oh great knower of everything, omnipotent swami, leader of the free world, holder of all that is dear, keeper of the flame, tell me EVERYTHING and get nothing wrong EVER.
  3. Sometimes, you have to look in your rear view mirror. Most of the time I’m focused on the future. I’m focused on all the things I have to do this week/month/year, the items on my To Do list I’ve not done (or let’s be real, I’m avoiding!), the plans I have to make and people I need to see. I actually PREACH that you need to keep an eye on your future so you know where you’re heading (especially as it’s important to be marketing into the future). This way back when post reminded me of how little I look in the rear view mirror to see where I’ve come from, how much I’ve changed and grown, and again, how freaking clueless I was back there. That Michelle was THRILLED (and admittedly, freaked out) at the idea of getting to mentor one single, local person. This Michelle does it every day, all day, to people all over the world. WHAT THE WHAT?! Let this serve as YOUR reminder too, to look back at what you knew back then versus what you know now. That wobbly border and dodgy cake board were a source of JOY to you back then, though they are a source of EMBARRASSMENT now – so stop every once in a while and look how far you’ve come.

Life has a funny way of pointing us in the direction we need to go, even if we don’t know we need it and we have no idea where we’re headed. Me? I’m going to enjoy the ride.

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