Free Webinar: Marketing and Pricing

In case you missed it, this week Sharon Wee and I sat down for a live chat all about how we got to where we are, and we shared our own top tips for marketing and pricing.  We get asked about those things a lot so we thought they would be great topics to start with. When we opened the floor to those who were watching, we got some great questions to answer – thanks for participating.

Here’s the video for anyone who missed it, here it is! I have no idea why the still image makes me look grumpy – I’m actually rather cheerful. Maybe I had my thinking hat on?!

Loved what you saw? Join us on our live Tour!

One thought on “Free Webinar: Marketing and Pricing

  1. Hello Michelle! Thank you for the video, I'm going to watch it tonight at Home (I am at my day work now). Love your blog! Paola (from Argentina)

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