Free Webinar: The Work Life Balance

I recently hosted a webinar for the Australian Cake Decorating Network on their new You Tube channel, Cake TV with the topic of “How to run a cake business and a household without losing your sweet mind.” I had some lovely questions which were asked ahead of time and some which the viewers submitted as they were watching.

In this webinar I talked all about:

  • my five top tips for running a business and a household without losing your mind
  • how to decide if your kids should be in daycare more often so you can work on your cake business
  • how to deal with husbands or partners who do not see your business as a real business
  • ideas for how to make money out of your business OTHER than with correct pricing
  • how the idea of a work life balance is actually unachievable
  • how to have ‘work time’ and ‘family time’ without overlap
  • and lots, lots more all around the idea of having a life and a business (and yes, you can have both.)

If you would like to see more webinars I’ve done, please visit the Business of Baking YouTube channel – and if you would like me to come along and host or participate in a webinar for your organisation, I’m happy to do that too so get in touch

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