What Goes Around, Comes Around

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Often people tell me they feel BAD about asking for money. Sometimes they say they feel guilty for asking for high prices, or that they worry people will think they are greedy for asking above a certain price range. I’ve written before about how pricing is not just about how we feel about it, but today I wanted to give you a different perspective on it.

They say money (and love) makes the world go around. I’m going to show you how that’s possible, even from a small business.

The money your business earns isn’t piling up in a garage so you can slide down it like Scrooge McDuck, right? The money your business is earning has a profound effect on the world at large. What if the money you are earning… does a lot more than you think? Let’s think about this for a second.

Suppose you use your business money to pays for your kids’ education. That money is now used to keep teachers employed, keeps janitorial staff employed, keeps the doors of that school open.  Educating kids isn’t just about the school though, so you’re also going to use that money to clothe your kids (supporting the clothing business and it’s employees), pack their lunch (supporting the store, the farmers, the lunchbox company), give them books and laptops (helps the publishing and IT industries). On a non-financial level you’re giving your kids and education which is turning them into productive members of society.

Suppose you use your business money to support your high heels and handbags habit. Again, you are keeping all those businesses employed including the fabric makers, the zipper companies, the small businesses and the bigger malls. What if by wearing those heels and carrying those handbags, you feel good about yourself – and that in turn inspires other people to pursue their dreams too. There is value in the pride of being able to afford it too.

You’ve heard me talk so often about having a 3 AM reason, or a purpose for this business of yours… today I want you to realise how that purpose is like the proverbial pebble thrown in a pond, with ripples of reach which go far and wide.  It doesn’t matter what you are using that business money for. What matters is that by pricing correctly, charging for your work and then TURNING THAT MONEY AROUND and investing in you children, your lifestyle, charities, shoes, your friends..whatever… you’re helping make the world go around.

We hate talking about and asking for money because it makes us uncomfortable – but if you think about that money and all the good it can do in the world, I think the discomfort evaporates. Of course, if you really are collecting it just so you can do the Scrooge McDuck slide, more power to you babe… but you still need to pay for the clothes to do it, the garage to house it in… etc.

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