House Rules

In case it wasn’t totally obvious by now, I adore writing this blog…but now that we’ve all been together about 7 months, I thought it was time I remind you all of the House Rules.

Things This Blog WILL Do:

  • Provide as much free real life advice as I can about the ins and outs of running a baking business.
  • Be honest. At all times. Even if it means telling you things which make me look bad or stupid. I’ve done plenty of bad and stupid things and made plenty of bad and stupid business decisions. Ehh. It happens. Anyone who tells you otherwise has an ego too big for any blog.
  • Give you love, support, guidance, and as much hand-holding as one can do from a virtual point of view until such time as I work out how to do it in real life and probably even then.
  • Be a BUSINESS blog. Not a blog about how to be a hobbyist or just be baking stuff for fun. This blog is intended for people who are in business, want to be in business, or have one toe in the business waters.
  • Answer any questions you might have, provided I have the knowledge or resources needed to do so. But if you don’t ask, how can I answer?  (hint:
  • Make an attempt at being funny every once in a while.
  • Assume that if you’re reading this, you’re willing to put in actual effort into being successful. I am not the woman you come to with excuses or crying about ‘why me?’ Yes, I will cuddle you …but then I will tell you to get your butt back out there and TAKE ACTION.
  • Continue writing for as long as you are willing to read it and for as long as my life will allow.

Things Thing Blog WILL NOT Do:

  • Post pretty cake pictures, of my own cakes or other people’s, unless it’s to demonstrate a specific point. There are these wonderful people at Google and Pinterest and Facebook who do that in vast quantities (and then whine when people copy their work. Uh-oh. I just said that out loud, didn’t I?)
  • Provide recipes of any kind other than recipes for success (ooh, see what I did there?) Remember those Google, Pinterest and Facebook people? Yup. They provide recipes too.
  • Tolerate haters. My blog, my rules. 
  • Substitute for real legal or financial advice. Please go and pay grey haired men in ill-fitting suits to do that, okay?
  • Provide you some sort of tick-the-box template for how to be successful in business (baking or otherwise). Small business is such a personal venture, so much about the person running it and their own life circumstances – there is no way I can give you some cookie-cutter solution to success. I will point you in the direction of places where success might lie, but I can’t help you get there. Travel your own road, friend.  
  • Tell you exactly when to do things. I’m not here to give you permission to take leaps, give you a defined time line for when you should quit your job, or assess when the right time to do things is. Nobody can tell you those except for YOU.

This blog is providing me with as much joy and insight as I hope it’s providing you. Maybe you’re sitting there wondering what the hell this post has to do with your business.

In business – as in blogs – working out what we WILL and WILL NOT do is as important as how we do it.

(Need an example? I will not make cakes which look like real people, but I will happily make one which looks like Dora the Explorer. I will give great service to my customers, I will not tolerate being abused by them. And so on.)

4 comments on “House Rules

  1. Anyonymous Baker from Ireland, again (until I can work up the courage to identify myself, that is).

    I like your house rules. Mostly I like the bluntness. Too much sugar (word play and pun used most intentionally) in what we do at times. Keep writing, I will keep reading.

    …and maybe someday you will do webinars for those of us who are not on your current tour route (hint, hint). Or one-on-one mentoring via Skype 😉

    Enough of the bright ideas – and thank you. Once again.


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