How do I deal with trolls on my Facebook page?

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Hi Michelle,

I have a question for you. I have had a negative comment on my page about one of my cakes and upon investigation I worked out it was a local cake decorator and a couple of other competitors who liked it. How would you handle this? Thanks.


Confused in Cakeland

Hey there Confused,

Facebook has a “delete comment and ban user” button for a reason. Use it.
It’s your page, so it’s your rules.

How I handle it emotionally? I generally gnash my teeth a bit, tell a few friends about those losers, then remember that I’m in business for myself, my family, and my customers. I’m here to serve those people, not serve trolls. I’m better off spending my time hitting delete and moving on than I am dwelling on it. I’ve got WAY more important people who need me.

((Hugs)) because it sucks that these type of people are out there with nothing better to do.


5 comments on “How do I deal with trolls on my Facebook page?

  1. There are people in this world that are happy when they make others unhappy or upset. My MOTTO is, I don’t give YOU permission to make me feel bad. So go ahead and DELETE it. No response necessary… don’t make her DAY 🙂

  2. I had one recently…. she wrote " Nothing special here, nothing you can't make at home yourself, save your money with this one" (she wasn't a customer, just FB surfing)…. so I pondered it for an hour… looked inward at my maturity, where I was in my business and my personal emotions… physcho analysed myself….. and after true reflection and a cup of tea, I came to the conclusion that worked for me… I deleted the comment, kicked her off my page and banned her ass… I don't need that kind of negativity in my life! I have always lived by "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all" so I expect it of those around me….. Have to say, I may have acted like a Cake-zilla (As my husband calls me) but it was true to who I am 😀

  3. Wow, submitting fake orders is really taking it to the next level! Concentrate on your business – seems like they are also so busy concentrating on yours, they are ignoring theirs (which is a win for you…) I love your attitude about it – in a way it is a compliment! 🙂

  4. Thank happened to me as well, so take it as a compliment! I even had a fellow (rival?) baker submit fake orders and had her friends as well. This is why I take a deposit for every cake order now, no matter how small!

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