How To Deliver Cakes Via Plane

Hmmm…do I want to offer bicycle deliveries?

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Hi Michelle,

How do you handle a cake order which would require delivery at a distance? Specifically, a cake which would require several hours of transportation, perhaps in the heat, and then set-up at the destination.

I’m asking because I’ve been approached about the possibility of doing a wedding cake on a Greek island and I work on the mainland. I’m potentially willing, but obviously the logistics would be challenging, and there would be additional costs, possibly significant. Should I simply turn it down, or go ahead and quote, adding in my best guesstimate of the extra costs? I wouldn’t travel with a big cake already assembled (the wedding is for some number of guests in the high hundreds) but either air or sea travel would necessarily be involved, and at least to some extent, temperature control as well.



Confused in Cakeland

Dear Confused,

I started to get hives about this question when I got the the whole “heat” bit of it, and then I started to itch like mad when I got to the “planes, trains and automobiles” part, too.

I write this reply as someone who hates deliveries. I die a little bit inside every time I’ve got to take a cake anywhere (even a one tier) and when I watch those episodes of Cake Boss or Ace of Cakes and see cakes and humans bobbling around in the back of the van, I start to hyperventilate.

In short: there is no amount of money on earth which would convince me to take a cake for several hundred people on a trip for several hours (via air, sea, land or anything else!) Seriously, I’m pretty sure that stress would kill me… I’m a nervous wreck on deliveries an hour away, let alone several hours! 
I would offer to make it if they organise their own transport and accept no liability for once it goes out your door. That being said, if you really want to do this one, and you’re strong of heart and mighty of will: send me a postcard proving you’re still alive after the stess of it, okay?
Yours in fear,

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