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YEAH! I did it – created my first ever podcast, of course entitled, The Business of Baking. You can listen to it here on the blog (see below) or you can listen to it on your phone. I strongly recommend you SUBSCRIBE to the podcast, that way you won’t miss any episodes and you’ll always have a bit of Michelle inspiration on hand.

Here’s how to listen in:

On a computer: You can just click on the episodes here on the blog as I release them, and listen to them through your computer’s speakers. Disadvantage – your computer needs to be dragged around with you. Advantage: no apps needed.

On a phone: Best idea since you can take it with you on the go and don’t need to remember to check here, as new episodes will appear on your phone when you subscribe.

On an Android phone (Samsung, HTC etc): Pick a free podcast app – I like Podcast Addict. Download it from the Play Store. Once it’s downloaded, search for “The Business of Baking” and click the “subscribe” button. This will populate the app with all episodes I’ve got. To listen, just click the episode you’re interested in and press play. You can also download episodes to listen to when you’re not connected to the internet.

On an iPhone: You can listen to podcasts via iTunes, which should already be in your phone. Go to the podcast section of iTunes and search for “The Business of Baking” – then click the subscribe button. Once it’s in your list of subscriptions, iTunes will upload new episodes automatically. More recent iPhones have a podcast app already pre-loaded, so you can just search for The Business of Baking and go from there.

Using Stitcher (an alternative podcast app): Same instructions as for using an Android phone.

Each episode will get published here, but it’s easier and better to subscribe within your app so that you don’t miss any episodes. I’ve created the podcast because I know as bakers and decorators we spend a LOT of time sitting at our bench or table working. This way you can hear what I have to share rather than find the time to read articles – although I hope you do both! You can expect a mix of topics where it’s just me talking, some fun interviews with all kinds of people in our industry (and some not!), and more helpful and content designed to motivate you even further in your business.

In this first episode, I share the details of my business journey with a whole bunch of untold lessons and tidbits about how I got from running an illegal business on my kitchen table, to owning my dream store front. Future episodes will be published here, along with any links and show notes applicable to the podcast topic.

Happy Listening! Feedback is always welcome – email me.

Show Notes, Episode 0: Suff I’ve Never Told You Before:

In this episode, I tell you loads of stuff I’ve never shared before – some of the “behind the scenes” story of how I started my cake business and got it to the point where I could sell it, then move onto being a mentor for our industry.

Among other things, I mention:

  1. Luck is where preparation meets opportunity.
  2. EVERYTHING is a stepping stone, even stuff you step on and fall off of!
  3. Sometimes you have to change direction entirely – or partially – in order to keep on moving forward.
  4. LISTENING was the #1 business skill I had to learn and I still use this skill today – nothing at all to do with cake, baking or decorating.
  5. Bad situations lead to brilliant solutions.
  6. The more successful you become, the less product you make.
  7. Business taught me more about myself than it did about anything else – I learned about my tolerance (or lack thereof!), resourcefulness, emotional maturity (or lack thereof), what I like and don’t like to do, and a lot about the KIND of life I want to lead.
  8. LISTENING – again – only this time, to myself.
  9. And…above all else…Your Business, Your Rules. ALWAYS.

This episode was recorded by Michelle Green, and edited/produced by David Green in Melbourne, Australia in February 2017. It is hosted on Omny Studio and all copyright belongs to emzeegee pty ltd.


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