Interview with Candy Ramirez


As much as I love interviewing the “cake gods” of our industry, I also love featuring real readers of the blog and people who are truly making this whole cake thing work for them. Candy Ramirez has been in the cake industry for 7 years, and her story is, well, pretty amazing. Starting from incredibly difficult beginnings – mostly absent parents, becoming a Mom as a teenager, being the breadwinner for a multi-generational household – she’s lived through a hell of a lot.

This interview was inspiring, educational and totally surprising to me in that it feels like I found a kindred spirit. Enjoy!


More information about Candy, the #QueenBeeBakers and the Adelante movement can be found here:

Candy’s Cakes and More can be found:
On Facebook
On Instagram
On Periscope: @candyscakesNmore

Here’s the video made by Coca-Cola about Candy and here’s THAT cake which changed her life:


More information on: The Adelante Movement

3 comments on “Interview with Candy Ramirez

  1. Candy Ramirez one of the best mentors around she will tell you, you can do this and help you get there. Thanks Michelle Green I have being following you for a long time and you also tell us things how they should be. Thanks for both of you for pushing us to do it and remind us it will. Be hard but worted and yes we can do it!

  2. Hi Michelle!

    I was the one that tagged you and called you a #QueenBeeBaker! I truly believe that and love your blogs! Congrats to Candy for an awesome interview and I hope to pick your brain in the future!

    Sprinkles and Sunshine,
    Tanya Castanon

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