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Interviewing people working in the cake industry is always a pleasure for me, because I love hearing people’s stories and sharing those stories with you. Today I’m especially excited to have the opportunity to interview the very talented Xuan-Minh Fritschy for several reasons.  First, she’s my first mainland European interviewee, hailing from Zurich, Switzerland. Second, she’s a former student of mine (she’s done my Business of Baking On Tour class) and I’ve had the great privilege of watching her and her business grow, change and mature.  Third, she’s incredibly talented as a decorator – not to mention a Flamenco dancer too!

She went from this:

First cake (May 2012)

To THIS in a very short amount of time:

Minh Cakes Wedding Cake Peach Blush English Garden Rose Peonies Hochzeitstorte


The work she’s done on the “outside” of her business (moving it to a storefront, teaching decorating classes, honing her skills) is impressive but the work she’s done on the inside of it (working out what she wants to get out of it, where she’s going with it, what it means to her future) is even more impressive. Here’s a woman who understood that it can’t just be about the product from very early on and her constant striving to learn more, understand more, and push herself more inspire me. You’ll see what I mean when you watch and listen to this interview:

You can find Minh and her business Minh Cakes at the following places online:




She also blogged about her start in the cake industry – which I find fascinating as it’s really cool to be able to read what she thought about things way back when. Here’s where you’ll find those blog posts.  and here is where you’ll find the one where she talks about the joy of making her very first cake.


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