If you post in a cake forum, “Anybody have any good ideas for a Minecraft cake?” You’re lazy.

If you think your business is failing because you’re being undercut, you’re lazy.

If you think customers only care about price, you’re lazy.

If you post a cake picture and say, “Only nice comments please!” – you’re lazy.

If you think building your website is too hard (and you think nobody looks at them anyway), you’re lazy.

If you’re angry that your Facebook posts only reach 1-2% of your likers, you’re lazy.

If you post in a cake forum, “Does anyone have a foolproof recipe for mud cake?” You’re lazy.

If your “marketing plan” is “the best marketing is word of mouth,” you’re lazy.

If you agree to work for free (more than once or twice) because you think that’s the only exposure you can get, you’re lazy.

If you’ve been in business for less than a year and you’re ready to give up because it’s harder than you thought, you’re lazy.

If you’re ignoring “the business side” of your business because it’s “just not your thing,” you’re lazy.

If you’d rather keep pretending you’re not in business (even though you get money for your creations), you’re lazy.

If your reason for not going into business is, “there are too many people doing it already,” then you’re lazy.

I’ve had the great honour and pleasure of meeting and interviewing some of our industry’s real success stories – some of whose names you would know immediately, and some you would have never heard of – because success and fame are not the same thing.  They have varying levels of skill, fame, talent and money and each has a business as unique as they are.  All of them are in this for the long haul and all push themselves to innovate (both themselves and their businesses.)

Not a single one of them is lazy. 

Are you?

3 comments on “Lazy

  1. Thank you for telling it like it is. It’s sadly a trend that, while it has always been evident, seems to be becoming worse and worse! I imagine the laziness comes from wanting all the short cuts to success without risking it or learning it for one’s self, especially in the current OTT oversaturated cake ‘industry’. But you can kind of understand the sense of lazy entitlement too when there is a recipe, blog post, tutorial or willing unpaid volunteer to explain the smallest detail to you. Doesn’t anybody do their own R&D? Create their own recipes? Work out a technique for themselves? Not these days, apparently. I suspect though that the ‘stayers’ in this industry are the ones who do put in the spade work themselves!

  2. THANK YOU! I have left many cake groups because of all of this comments you listed. Especially the recipe request and ‘be nice comments’ and ‘cake ideas”. It’s called R&D people! Figure it out. If they spent less time crying and moaning on the forums and more time planning their work and working their plan; they might find themselves to be the proud owners of a very successful cake business. Don’t make cakes without your big girl panties and your business hat on!

  3. You went there…….. dared to say out loud what many have been thinking…. I wrote the longest response to this blog post then read it back and thought I sound like a right royal twat and deleted it. While guilty of complaining of FB reach of late but have been working on that too. All I see and hear is whinging and negative comments and complaining etc… Even at the Bake Show recently….. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen as the rest of us just want to bake and are happy to take your customer’s if you don’t want them 😀 *evil grin*…. yep I went there too *mwuahahahahahaahh*

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