Podcast Episode: Interview with Lynne McLean Brown

Today I’m really excited to be talking to Lynne McLean Brown, who is a former cake decorator, turned Life Coach. I think that it’s going to be a super, super interesting conversation because it’s not really one that you hear of very often. So listen in to find out more about Lynne and her transition from Cake Decorator to Life Coach.

A little background info on Lynne McLean Brown –  her accent isn’t American – nor is it Norwegian, even though she lives in Norway now. She’s a Mum to two kids and I’m really excited to be talking to her because she’s someone who’s actually pursued life after cake. I think that there are quite a few of us who wonder about what comes next, after having been a Cake Decorator and Lynne is someone who really knows what the challenges are for our industry, first hand. She also knows how to help us to get through some of those challenges, by practising self-care, so listen in now, to find out more!

Show highlights:

  • Lynne talks about how she got into being a Cake Decorator.
  • Lynne, who still really loves decorating cakes, gives the story behind her decision to become a Life Coach.
  • Lynne explains why she really loves Life Coaching.
  • Lynne finds that women all really seem to be worried that they can’t achieve what they want, that other things have to come first, or that they simply don’t have what it takes!
  • What Lynne suggests, to help you to make your self-care a priority.
  • If it really matters to you, you will find a way to do what’s necessary, so do little, simple things that replenish your energy.
  • Calm – a brilliant little app that I downloaded to help me meditate.
  • I started out meditating for just one minute!
  • Lynne’s message is that you are important and worth taking time for.
  • Meditation doesn’t work for Lynn, however, the little things that make life sweeter really do!
  • Find what works for you, rather than feeling that you have to be doing something that everyone else is doing.
  • Pause for a minute, to give yourself a break.
  • Lynne’s take on “Are you in the work slow and truly enjoy the moment camp, or the speed it up and get it done camp?” (When it comes to baking.)
  • Being really clear about what it is that you really want.
  • Lynne has written a blog post, called Twenty One Ways to Practise Self Love. It’s really worth checking out!
  • Lynne gives you some really simple and easy ways to practise self-love.
  • Lynne confesses her current self-care challenge.

Remember to take the time out to be a human and a person, not just a business owner!


Lynn’s website: www.lynnemcleanbrown.com Lynn will be more than happy to offer you a free coaching session, to show you the kind of work she does.

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