Non-Cake Classes I Love

I recently spent ages looking through the Craftsy website, mostly because so many people I know and love (and who have been interviewed on this blog) teach classes there and I wanted to check them out. I’ll be honest, I knew there was tons of cake stuff on there, and a bit of crocheting, but I had NO IDEA they had all these other cool classes on there.  I decided that I had to share the love, because I suspect most of us have never explored the other sections they’ve got. (Seriously. Did you know there is a whole section on painting?)

I found a HEAP of non-cake decorating classes which I think are brilliant and which I think are totally relevant to our industry. There are skills that cake makers need which go beyond cake – business skills (of course) but also skills in art, design, and of course pastry.

Here are my (current) top six really useful-for-cakers classes from Craftsy:

Here are my favourites in the Art category, all of which can be applied to cake:

  • Mastering Colour Pallettes – the best thing I ever did was minor in Fine Art in college. My parents thought it was useless, but I now use those skills every time I need to match a colour swatch from a client or decide on what colours to use in a cake.
  • Mixed Media Essentials – although she’s talking about working with fabric, there is tons of cake inspiration here, and she talks about colour, design and texture. This is probably my most favourite of all.
  • Beginning Painting – Hand painting on cakes is becoming more and more trendy, and this class gives you some great tips about the basics of painting. There’s a difference between those with art skills and those without and it’s knowing this basic stuff which is a good start.

Here are some in the Food/Cooking category:

I’m about to head into the sewing and papercraft sections, and I may never come out again….so if you don’t hear from me in a couple of days, I’m the one in the corner wrapped in a knitted shawl, stuffing her face with brioche and attempting to scrapbook my life.

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