Too Old, Too Broke, Too Ugly

Tell me something. Do you think you are:

  • Too old (which apparently is anywhere from 25+ to 50+ years old)
  • Too young (anything under 25)
  • Too broke (you have no money to invest)
  • Too green (like my friend Kermit above)
  • Too stupid (you’re terrible at math)
  • Too broken down (you have a chronic illness or condition)
  • Too committed (you look after children or parents)
  • Too busy (you already have a full-time job)
  • Too introverted (you hate other humans)
  • Lacking talent (everyone you see online is CRAZY talented and you’re not)

to start your business?

I’m calling BULLSHIT on all of those reasons. I’ve been in this industry for more than 13 years now, and writing this blog for more than 4 of those years, and I’ve met all KINDS of business owners. Young ones (literally teeenagers, some┬ástill in high school), old ones (grandmothers), broke ones (who can barely afford $10 business cards), comfortable ones (who don’t strictly need the money their business earns), sick ones (from cancer to lupus to arthritis to anxiety)…you name it, I’ve either met them or received an email from them.

In our heads we define being “in business” as an enormous, scary thing – when really it can be as big or as small as suits YOU. I’ve met business owners who make one order a week because that’s all they can handle, and others who do a dozen or more orders a week and wish they had more. I’ve spoken to business owners who are main bread winners, and others who only bake to support charities they love.

Listen to me. You are not “TOO” much of ANYTHING to give this business of yours a shot, or to take your business to the next level.

The only thing stopping you is the IDEA that you might be too much of something. We ALL have limitations on our bodies, our money, our time. The key is to take those limitations and work around them. As Tony Robbins said, “Your problem is never a lack of resources. It’s a lack of RESOURCEFULNESS.”

You’re not too much of anything to start your business going.

Start small.

See what happens.

The problems of age, money, time and fitness won’t go away…but the problem of being stopped by those problems needs to end now.

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