Podcast Episode: 10 Fun Marketing Ideas to Increase Your Revenue

Today we’re talking about marketing and I’d like to give you some ideas that are a little out of the box, as well as some stuff to motivate and inspire you. I also want to give you some things to help you to think about marketing in a different way, because I know that everybody really seems to hate it. So today, we’re going to lift the lid off that and come up with some really cool and fun stuff that you can do, that doesn’t cost the earth. Listen in today, as we make this a Playful Marketing Monday (even though it may not even be Monday when you listen to this) and really have some fun on the show.

I actually love marketing and I’m constantly out there, taking photos of other people’s marketing that I think is cool, or even ads that I think are fun. I often look at funny viral ads on Youtube, because I really am a fan of clever marketing- of the kinds of things that are so funny or clever that you don’t even know that you’re being marketed to. So I’ve come up with ten ideas that I’d like to share with you today. These ideas are really intended to get your creative juices flowing, so listen in and be inspired!

Show highlights:

  • #1: Figure out ways to cross promote yourself to other products. 
  • #2: Using some sidewalk chalk, to create something that really captures people’s attention, perhaps like a huge mural.
  • #3: Create an infographic for you.
  • #4: Create a competition on Facebook.
  • #5: Harness word of mouth marketing.
  • #6: A Cookies and Milk Story Time, done somewhere locally.
  • #7: Do some video story telling on social media.
  • #8: Market to a specific niche group. You need to offer the right thing to the right people.
  • #9: Chase the Corporates.
  • #10: Do a blind taste test between your cake and a plain bought sheet cake.
  • The thing about marketing is that it has to be do-able, as well as being really fun and effective.
  • Show off your personality and have some fun!

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