Podcast Episode: Cake Flavors – How Many is Too Many?

Are you strictly a chocolate or vanilla person? Or are there other flavors that you really like? I recently received a question from one of my followers, and I loved it because it really made me laugh! But it also offers a great learning opportunity, so today we’re talking flavors! Listen in to find out more about this very sweet question!

The question was: “Why do people always go with either chocolate or vanilla? Is it even really necessary to offer anything else? On the other hand, how many options are too many options? Do we really need strawberry cake with pineapple buttercream and whipped white chocolate ganache on our menu at all times?” Well, personally, I’m not too sure if the idea of strawberry pineapple white chocolate is actually delicious or disgusting, but today I will give you my opinion about why I think people make the kinds of choices that they do when it comes to flavors. Listen in as I offer my advice for the best flavors to have on your menu.

Show Highlights:

  • Not everyone likes chocolate!
  • Why I think people tend to pick mostly chocolate.
  • Why people pick the boring things they do for weddings.
  • People tend to get overwhelmed by choice.
  • My choice for my own wedding cake- a choice that most people actually liked.
  • Go with what you enjoy for your wedding!
  • All the cool flavors that I used to offer.
  • What happened with my really fancy menu.
  • Red velvet doesn’t really go down too well in Australia.
  • Should you have a fancy menu?
  • What to consider when choosing to have unusual, interesting flavors.
  • Thinking about your target market when creating your menu.
  • Rural areas are very different from big cities.
  • Why I push people towards the less exciting flavors.
  • I would much rather decorate than bake.
  • Fancy flavors cost a lot more.
  • How to make a boring menu much more interesting.
  • Giving normal things fun, exciting names.
  • Get people to create their own custom flavors- with boundaries.
  • Some of the mistakes that I’ve made in the past.
  • The lesson that I’d really like you to walk away with.

Resources Mentioned on the Show:

  • The Business of Baking On Tour, (www.bizbakeontour.com) which is my super fun, super informative¬† live, in-person classes that I teach. These will take place in the US, Canada, and in the UK for the rest of the year.
  • At the end of October, I’ll be opening Build Your Profitable Cake Business, which is the biggest class that I offer. It’s intended¬† for those of you who intend making a full-time business out of this.
  • And this August, my colleague, Sharon, and I are starting a brand new class called Sweet Side-Gig, (www.sweetsidegig.com) an online community and membership forum where we teach business skills to the people who are only doing this as a side-business but want it to be legit.
  • You can email me at michelle@thebizofbaking.com

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