Podcast Episode: The Changing Cake Industry

Today, it’s all about how the Cake Industry has changed, so we’re going to be talking about what I’ve observed to be happening in our industry over the last ten to fifteen years and also how the face of our industry has really changed a lot, during that time. Listen in to find out more!

Back when I was a girl, just starting out on my cake decorating journey, there was no Youtube, or Craftsy. In fact, there was pretty much nothing at all really, except for cake decorating books and a couple of guilds, so it was really quite a sad and lonely place. Things have really changed, though and a lot of growth has happened, since then. Join me on today’s show, as I discuss some of the things that I’ve become aware of lately in the cake industry, and the effect that our current culture of social media, online classes and gimmicky tools has had on it. Listen in now!

“We have become, as an industry, far less creative.”


Show Highlights:

  • The growth that has happened, as a result of TV shows and the accessibility of Learning Channels, like Youtube and Craftsy.
  • Some of my observations of what I’ve noticed that has changed, in the industry.
  • The cake that my older sister asked me to create for her wedding shower, when I was sixteen. (There are actually pictures of it on my blog!)
  • The Wilton Level One Butter Cream Class that some friends of mine got together and bought for me, back when I was a young Mom, first living in Australia.
  • We have a lot more awareness of our worth, as artists today, yet we tend to focus far less on the actual artistry, as the industry has grown.
  • The stunningly beautiful work of the true artists of our industry, that are actually pushing the boundaries of the definition of cake, of art and even of edible.
  • The widening divide, between the non-artists and the true artists of our industry.
  • My love-hate relationship with the stamp out tools that are available currently for our industry.
  • The sadness of the really easy to replicate cakes, that are available in today’s mass market.
  • The X-Factor about today’s cakes that I wish were a little more X-factorish…
  • What I’ve noticed about the average age of the people in our industry today.
  • What I’ve noticed to be happening lately, with the ‘Facebook famous’ crowd and their culture of sharing.
  • How the questions from my Coaching clients have changed lately.
  • What’s happening with live classes, today.
  • Why you need to actually sign up for live classes as soon as possible, after deciding to do them.
  • Cookies don’t even look like cookies anymore!
  • Pushing the boundaries of artistry.
  • My predictions for what’s to come in our industry.


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