Podcast Episode: You Couldn’t Pay Me Enough

In this week’s episode, Michelle shares an excerpt from her blog and book, The Business of Baking. This article, “You Couldn’t Pay Me Enough”, contains a collection of witty humor, entertaining anecdotes, and a comical simplification of the unfortunately relatable clients that bakers often encounter. 

From the “Do you know who I am?” clients, the “Is she serious right now?” clients, and the “let me ask my husband” clients, Michelle has seen it all. Join Michelle in this episode for a light laugh and advice on how to deal with these terribly relatable situations. 

Show Highlights: 

  • How Michelle manages clients that aren’t worth the stress 
  • Different stereotypes of clients that bakers deal with  
  • Experiences Michelle has had with difficult clients 
  • Listening to your instincts and not accepting orders that you don’t feel right about 




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