Podcast Episode: At a Crossroads

Welcome back to the podcast for 2019! I’m really excited to be back and I’ve come up with a whole list of topics that I want to talk about and a range of really interesting people to interview. My plan is to interview people who are a little bit left of center in our industry, related to it but not necessarily directly involved, like wedding photographers, marketers, or crafters. There are also some experimental episodes coming up this season where I do things a little differently. So tune in now for today’s episode!

Today I’m going to be talking about being at a crossroads in your business. Last summer, I had a truly life-changing experience when I went on a month-long trip to South America, the Antarctic Peninsula, and Antarctica. Thinking about the business during that time prompted me to sent an email to my subscriber list. In today’s episode, I will be sharing a bit about that email, what was behind it, and what I’m thinking about now, going forward into the future. Because many of us, at this time of year, reach a crossroad in our business and this will give you a number things to think about. Listen in to find out about my crossroads, the crossroads in our industry, and where to from here.

Show Highlights:

  • Some of the email that I wrote.
  • I’ve been running my business for five years now, and I’ve turned it from a hundred dollar, three-hour class in my bakery into what it is now. 
  • My business is now a community, a blog, a book, a podcast, online classes, in-person classes, social media communities, etc. 
  • I wasn’t sure if just making more of stuff was the best way to go forward, so I wanted to know what my community needed from me.
  • The crossroads in our industry.
  • People in our industry are giving up a whole lot faster now.
  • Why I think the number of people going into business in our industry has slowed down significantly.
  • Lately, baking shows have become super niched.
  • There is still money to be made from sweet foods.
  • My love-hate relationship with the whole tools thing!
  • My personal crossroads.
  • Some of the responses I got from the email I sent.
  • Do what you love, and do it from your heart!
  • Business is really about both passion and profit.
  • Reaching the grow or stop phase in our business.
  • Doing a check-up from the neck up.


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