Podcast Episode: Are Ignorance and Faith the Same Thing?

Welcome to another exciting episode of The Business of Baking podcast!

A few episodes ago, I read you an article from my new, yet unnamed book, and it had a lot of positive feedback. 

Although I don’t really anticipate becoming a real-life coach, I have discovered that I can coach from my podcast by telling you how you can change your life, everyday. And it’s not always as scary as you think it might be!

My new book is written more article-style than chapter-style. I talk about a business that I owned, and how it taught me a life lesson. I like to think that all life lessons are also business lessons, and the converse is true, as well! This book is when you need a shot of inspiration, a shot of love, or even a shot of tough love. Open to a relevant section, read a couple of pages, spend some time mulling it over, and see if it can apply to you.

Your feedback has made me brave enough to share another article with you today, called “Are Ignorance and Faith the Same Thing?” I share a client’s experience, as well as one of my own.

Please let me know if this resonates with you!

Show Highlights:

  • A client’s amazing testimony and mindset concerning her experience with cancer
  • Random conversation that changed so much for me
  • Assuming total recovery and survival
  • Negativity only brought about by others
  • Was ignorance of the realities of breast cancer and faith in her survival so strong that it crowded out any negative thought?
  • Does simply “not knowing” make us stronger?
  • A happy woman on the road to health
  • Mind and body connection
  • Ignorance in the “details” may have forced her to have faith in her recovery 
  • Her attitude was not only blissful, it’s hugely motivational
  • Not knowing what the full options are, not only gives you faith, it gives you freedom
  • Sharing my personal experience on giving birth to triplets
  • My epiphany on asking for help
  • Ignorance led me to faith that all would be Ok, and it was
  • I didn’t know there was any option other than to make it
  • Sometimes you have to fall back on a little bit of faith and a little bit of ignorance

Links & Resources:

To get a copy of Michelle’s first book, The Business of Baking, go to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or any other good bookstore.

Michelle’s email: michelle@thebizofbaking.com 

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