Podcast Episode: Interview with Belle Harris of Stencibelle


Today, I’m talking to Belle Harris, the owner, creator and mastermind genius behind Stencibelle. If you’re either a cookier, or anyone wanting to use a stencil, you will surely be familiar with her. I am completely obsessed with her Instagram and her products, so I’m really excited to have her on the podcast with me today, so listen in now!

Belle is from Bathurst, New South Wales. She started out in her career as a cookie maker, with Billy Simos Cookies. She did this as a side gig, while doing something else, like a lot of us tend to do. Then, in April of 2016, she launched Stencibelle and now she makes stencils that are used for cookies, and she ships these products to more than thirty countries! I am totally in awe and I really think that this is the coolest thing ever! In addition to all of that, she’s a mom to two young girls, Ruby and Lilly, so she’s running her business while she’s running her household and her life. Listen in to find out more.

Show highlights:

  • Belle takes us through the evolution of her career, from the cookies and the blogging┬áto selling her current product.
  • Belle explains her creative process, from her initial idea, to eventually selling it.
  • The most popular of Belle’s stencils.
  • It took Belle only eleven days to get five thousand likers, on Instagram and she currently has an unbelievable eighty-three thousand followers.
  • The role that social media has played in the success of Belle’s business.
  • About seventy percent of Belle’s business comes from Instagram.
  • The mini series that Belle has been doing on Facebook, to help cookiers with how to use social media and with understanding what works for that platform.
  • How Belle came up with her video series on how to use a stencil if you don’t have an airbrush.
  • What people who think that using a stencil is cheating, don’t really know…
  • How Stencibelle compares with Belle’s initial cookie business.
  • How everyone in Belle’s family feels about cookies.
  • Belle’s experience of raising two young kids while running her business from home.
  • Belle thinks that it’s really important to show her girls that it really doesn’t matter where you live- you can do whatever you want to do and you can make your dreams work wherever you are┬ábecause we are currently in a global marketplace.
  • Belle’s favourite aspect of owning her business.
  • The drama of shipping.
  • What’s next on the horizon, for Stencibelle.

Resources Mentioned:

Belle’s Website: www.stencibelle.com

Follow Belle’s amazing Instagram account!

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