Podcast Episode: Interview with Danira Cancinos from Danis Dulce Confections

Would you like to make a good living out of a confectionary business? Do you believe that it’s possible to do this? Today, I’m excited to introduce you to Danira Cancinos, from Dani’s Dulce Confections, in Sylmar, California. One of the questions I’m asked very often is “Can you make enough real money out of this to support a family?”. Although I always say you can, people still seem to think it’s impossible. So Dani is here on the show with me today to prove that this is, indeed, possible. Listen in, to find out about Dani and her awesome, inspiring, and lucrative confectionary business.

Dani has really achieved a lot! I’ve been her Instagram fan for a long time and her posts are amazing! When I see them, I almost drool over her creations because she makes some of the most delicious-looking treats that I have ever seen! Especially her caramel apples!  In addition to making all kinds of treats, she also teaches a number of online classes and some in-person online tutorials. She recently sold a caramel apple class, which earned her over five figures! This is truly incredible, so we will be talking about it in today’s episode. Dani did not grow up in a wealthy family, so her business is all about dedication and putting in a huge amount of work. Tune in today, to hear her story.

Show Highlights:

  • Dani tells the story of her business and how it got to where it is now.
  • Dani is actually an introvert, so she’s very shy.
  • You need to step out of your comfort zone if you want to grow.
  • Dani talks about her decision to start teaching.
  • Dani’s cake pop class is her most popular class, with close to eight hundred students!
  • Dani’s classes run on Facebook groups.
  • People love to feel connected to the person behind the business and the classes.
  • Dani really engages with her audience and this has helped her to sell so many classes.
  • Dani seems to be taking fewer orders, and teaching more, lately.
  • It takes a lot of dedication to do this kind of work. And it’s taken a consistent effort for Dani to build her following.
  • Why Danira took so long to leave her job.
  • How Dani got to charge $200 for a class. She never imagined that she would be able to launch a course and make this kind of money!
  • Investing in her business by learning from Amy Porterfield.
  • Success doesn’t happen overnight. You have to keep showing up and doing the work, even when you don’t feel like it.
  • Danira talks to us about the way that religion plays a big part in her life- and her business.
  • It’s not enough just to pray. You have to do the work. Dani gave a hundred percent to her caramel apple class.
  • Using lists to plan, and time blocking to get beyond procrastination.
  • Business requires a lot of sacrifices.
  • What’s coming up for Dani’s Dulce Confections.
  • Getting smart about managing money.


Dani’s Dulce Confections’ website: https://www.danisdulceconfections.com/

One thought on “Podcast Episode: Interview with Danira Cancinos from Danis Dulce Confections

  1. Thank you Michelle & Dani for sharing your Experiences. I have been dreaming and working on my passion on baking and making my dream come really but due to small kids and other issue I have still not started and still taking small orders from home for last 7 years. I thought I’m already too late to startup, But after listing to this podcast I relieved that this homework is required. Thank you

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