Podcast Episode: Interview with Miranda from Sweet Sticks

Welcome to the Business of Baking Podcast! I’m so grateful to be able to chat to you every other week on the podcast. Some weeks I do solo shows, and other weeks I get to introduce you to some pretty amazing entrepreneurs who think outside the box, or have an interesting story to share.

On today’s podcast, I’m so excited to introduce you to my friend, Miranda, who has a pretty amazing product line. She’s the owner of Sweet Sticks, which started life out as a cake pop company but as you probably already know, has morphed into an incredible, edible art paint empire! Join us, as Miranda takes us through her entrepreneurial journey which includes making and selling rave gear clothing to her friends at the tender age of 16, to making and selling scarf watches as a side hustle. Don’t miss this! We cover lots of other ground, from alcohol free edible art paint for the Halal community, to conquering your fears. 

Show Highlights:

  • Reinventing the cake pop wheel
  • Developing edible art paint
  • Why packaging is very important
  • The wonder at being successful
  • Making motherhood and business ownership work
  • Conquering your fear to free up your time for what’s important
  • The process of creating new products
  • Listening is #1 tool when it comes to marketing 
  • Quality standards for premium products
  • Having a mental health plan in place
  • Looking after yourself, and ideas to fill your “personal cup”
  • Dealing with copycats
  • Resolving to be the better version of your business and your product 
  • The future direction of Sweet Sticks
  • Advice for other entrepreneurs just starting out

Links & Resources:

To get a copy of Michelle’s first book, The Business of Baking, go to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or any other good bookstore.

Michelle’s email: michelle@thebizofbaking.com 


Instagram: sweetsticksau

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