Podcast Episode: Interview with Tim Engelbrecht

Do you think that getting too much business could ever be a problem? Today, I’m talking to Tim Engelbrecht, from Hello Sweetheart, a Sydney-based wedding photography and videography company. Tim runs the business with his wife, Mim, and they are really busy! Sometimes they do as many as four weddings in one day, so things can seem a little out of control, but Tim thinks it’s a great problem to have.

I decided to interview Tim today because I thought that it would be interesting to chat with somebody in our industry who is not necessarily a cake maker. And I love getting the perspectives of other creatives out there because I think they really have a lot in common with us, here in the baking industry. So, listen in today, to find out what Tim has to share about his life behind the lens.

Hello Sweetheart was officially started in 2015 and they shot a total of twenty-five weddings that year. Then, in 2016, Tim got married and Mim took over the marketing. They did almost seventy weddings that year, and even more in the following year. From there, things have constantly been on the up-and-up for Hello Sweetheart. It has been widely featured, in places such as Modern Weddings, Polka Dot Bride, Wedding Wonderland, and more. Hello Sweetheart has a really dreamy Instagram feed too! It makes you want to jump right into other people’s cool lives, and have weddings just like they have! Tune in to find out more!

Show Highlights:

  • Tim tells us about Hello Sweetheart.
  • Having too much business is a great problem to have!
  • Tim gives us the history of Hello Sweetheart.
  • Tim’s role is the creative side of the business and Mim is the hustler.
  • Mim has helped the business grow exponentially.
  • They acquired a team and tripled their business in just three years.
  • Tim explains how they managed to grow so fast in such a short space of time.
  • People like having only a few options to choose from.
  • Tim explains the way they advertise on Facebook.
  • Facebook re-targeting is super powerful.
  • Tim talks about his business model, which is based on very limited options.
  • Tim and Mim have chosen a high and consistent volume of work over bespoke work.
  • Making a lifestyle choice for your business.
  • Keeping track of trends to keep abreast with the future market.
  • Hello Sweetheart has a really quick turnaround time for the photographs.
  • All their work is done digitally.
  • Marrying the creative side with the business systems side.
  • Keyboard Maestro, the software that has changed Tim’s life.

Links and Resources:

Hello Sweetheart’s website

Hello Sweetheart on Instagram

Keyboard Maestro


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