Podcast Episode: Lessons from a Challenging 2018

I’ve really had an unbelievable season of podcast episodes this year! I’ve done my best, given it a proper run, and I’ve loved it, but like all good things, it has come to an end. Today’s episode is the very last episode of this season. 

I did some awesome solo episodes this year, where I talked about all sorts of things, like the worst advice I ever got, strategies for mental health, and getting through the rough stuff in life. I also had some amazingly unbelievable episodes where I interviewed some incredible people, like Laurel Harlan. I spoke to Patricia Scheetz about running a charitable-based bakery, and I even spoke to my daughter Claire. I’ve had such a super amazing season, 2018! Thank you all so much for listening!

When I record my podcasts, I have no idea how many, or where in the world, people will be listening. I also don’t know if they’ve loved it or hated it, or what they thought of me. So, with this being the last episode of the year, I’d like to close it out with a heartfelt message of gratitude to all of you for listening! I also wanted to end off by sharing some of the lessons I’ve learned this year. This is a largely an unscripted episode and not my usual way of doing things, so listen in today, as I talk straight from the heart, tell you about my year, and give you some of the lessons I’ve learned.

Show Highlights:

  • This has been a really challenging year and yet so much has happened!
  • How the three-pronged seat on which I rest my life works.
  • Why I don’t buy into the work/life balance concept.
  • I really strongly believe in acceptance.
  • Talking about forgiveness. 
  • Gratitude is really so important! It has a way of pulling me out of really dark places.
  • How to develop an attitude of gratitude.
  • Becoming grateful for dumb stuff really lifts me up!
  • Keeping busy and productive is really important to me.
  • It’s okay to drop the ball sometimes and it’s okay to say no to people, events, or things.
  • I learned how valuable it is to be checked-in on.
  • I’m so grateful for all the check-ins, emails and messages, from you, the listeners!
  • Human connection is crucial and we really need each other!
  • The benefits of asking for help and then accepting it.
  • Sometimes doing nothing is actually doing something.
  • Doing something kind for myself every day to prevent feeling overwhelmed.


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