Podcast Episode: The NYC Foodie Tour

I’m really excited because you and I are going on a foodie tour of New York City!  It’s going to be you, me, four days in New York and lots and lots of interesting things to eat, so listen in now and join me!

I was in New York for a long weekend a few months back, to spend some girlie time with my older sister and to go to a Billy Joel concert. We decided to check out some of the foodie hot spots of New York and to do and eat some crazy stuff that we normally wouldn’t do or eat.  I am a super foodie, so I will travel to the ends of the Earth to eat certain things, but my sister is not like that at all, so we had a really interesting experience.  Listen in to find out where we went, what we ate and what it was like.

Show highlights:

  • What I noticed about the difference between the customer service in New York and that in Australia.
  • A lesson for small businesses, about how to deliver really great customer service.
  • We start our foodie tour at  Magnolia Cupcakes.  Cupcakes or Banana Pudding?
  • Everywhere I went, the receipts were an extension of marketing – small thing, big impact.
  • Our warm experience at Molly’s Cupcakes. These were singularly the best cupcakes I’ve ever eaten!
  • We decided to go to John’s Pizza on Times Square and we experienced a really great example of cross promotion there.
  • What I noticed about- and a lesson I learned from Do, a company that sells raw cookie dough served like ice-cream.
  • The worst experience that we had in New York (thankfully, not too many of those!)
  • Our experience of a breakdown in communication.
  • Bummed about bagels…really, REALLY bummed about rainbow bagels…!
  • Cookie Shots and awesome service at Dominique Ansel’s.
  • Frozen hot chocolate and a psychedelic dream come true at Serendipity III.
  • Getting in line at the Halal Guys.
  • My Foodie Tour of America during my Teaching Tour of America was AMAZING. Any suggestions about where I should go next?


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