Podcast Episode: A Pie Empire: Stores, Physical Products and Working Together as a Couple

Today, I’m really very happy to be talking to Lauren and Cody Boldin, from Woodstock, Georgia! They own two businesses- one is called the Pie Bar and the other one is Pie Provisions. Pie Bar is located on the Main Street in Woodstock, and it’s been open for the last two years. Each day they offer six different flavors- and you even have the option of asking for their sampler pie, which allows you to taste all the different options for the day! When you’re really capable at doing something everybody wants to know how you do it, so soon after they opened their shop, a lot of people started asking them about how to make a really good pie crust. They then created Pie Provisions to help home-bakers, and the very first product-line that they came out with was a pie-crust mix, using the very same recipe and ingredients that they use in their shop. Now, in addition to running both Pie Bar and Pie Provisions, Lauren and Cody go all around the country doing demos with their pie mix and selling their mixes at various events. There are so many different things that these guys are doing right now, so listen in today to get their full story!

There are 1001 reasons why I’m so happy to be talking to Lauren and Cody today, but the main reason is that they don’t make cake, and this season I really wanted to spend some time talking to people who are doing some other things. Another reason that I really wanted to chat to them is that they work together and I honestly feel that any couple that works together and survives it deserves some sort of recognition – at the very least a podcast interview! I found that the social media presence that they have created is pretty impressive too! They do some really cool stuff on Youtube and, in fact, they’re just all around cool people, so listen in to find out more!

Show Highlights:

  • The real story of how they got to where they are today.
  • Selling high-class pies at junk markets!
  • The benefits of starting out at local farmer’s markets.
  • Why the ended up opening their shop in Woodstock.
  • Winging it until it worked!
  • Creating success- against all odds.
  • How things just fell into place for Lauren and Cody.
  • Having the guts and strength to follow through on an idea without anyone’s advice.
  • How they started out with no experience in the food industry.
  • How Pie Provisions came about.
  • The secret to making really special pie crusts.
  • Covering all the bases- with pie!
  • Creating an inviting atmosphere and a nostalgic brand.
  • Why making pie is always really special! 
  • How Pie Bar and Pie Provisions each make the other business stronger.
  • Using Tips Of The Trade to promote both businesses.
  • How Lauren and Cody manage to work together, as a couple.
  • How getting into retail has been an expensive learning curve for Lauren and Cody.
  • Going into their second season a lot smarter.
  • How huge, blown-up pictures of your face work really well as a marketing tool.
  • Getting awesome (and immediate) feedback from social media.


Lauren and Cody’s website: www.orderpiebar.com 

You will also find Lauren and Cody on Youtube.


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