Podcast Episode: A Practical Mental Health Strategy

Do you suffer from depression or anxiety? Or are you possibly struggling with another kind of mental health problem? In the last year or so I’ve really shifted my focus from the practicalities of running a business to the emotional and mental side of running a cake enterprise. And confidence and mental health in our industry is something that I’ve been talking about a lot lately. Today I will be talking about some of the more practical things that I think we can do in order to help ourselves with some of our mental health issues. Listen in to find out more. 

There are a number of reasons why I think that our industry seems to have a higher proportion of issues around anxiety, depression, procrastination, and general mental health than most other industries. For one thing, lack of sleep (as anyone who has had a small child at home will know) turns you into somebody that you just don’t recognize. It makes you irritable, crabby, and it also prevents you from thinking straight.

When most of us started down the road with our cake businesses, we were working outside of our normal daily obligations of work and family, so we were essentially working at crazy hours of the day or night. This means that lots of us are really struggling with not enough sleep and that’s enough to create the mental health problems of exhaustion or irritation. Listen in today to find out how to ease the pressure of running your business and some practical ways to combat your business worries.    

Show Highlights:

  • Lack of sleep is one of the factors contributing to mental health issues.
  • How enjoyable things that used to provide stress relief begin to put pressure on us.
  • The pressure of having to acquire new skills.
  • Learning how to run a business as well as making things is stressful.
  • Why creative people tend to have mental health issues.
  • How to create your life sag-wagon.
  • Creating a genuinely supportive support-group.
  • Daily exercise costs you zero if you take a walk every day.
  • The Calm app for meditation- it only takes a minute!
  • Practicing self-care my way.
  • Injecting small rescue remedies into your life.
  • The truth about tapping into your real power.
  • How to discover that you’re not actually powerless. 


  • Calm App for meditation
  • I’ve written a whole lot of articles on the blog about how to run your business, so check those out!
  • I’ll be traveling a lot later this year, so for more info about where you can meet me in person, go to www.bizbakeontour.com.

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