Podcast Episode: Raising a Family and A Business

It seems especially appropriate to be posting about this podcast episode today because this week is my trio’s 16th birthday. I started my foray into all things cake when I was sixteen, so it’s especially interesting to me because I look at their interests and think…will these things grow into your future careers? It’s been an especially interesting time because at their age they are doing a lot of career counselling and decision-making, taking on a bunch of career and personality tests to see what bubbles to the surface. In my case when I did those tests the career most likely to fit me was art teacher – which in a way is exactly what I did, teaching countless people to make fondant figurines, ice cupcakes and cover cakes with fondant.

My cake business started for real when the kids were about two years old, so they grew up right along with my business. My kids influenced so many of my business decisions, from what I would call my business to where it was located and how it operated.  Being around them and their young friends influenced me to make my business nut-free, a decision which had a HUGE positive impact on my business.  Had I not had kids, the business I created would have looked very different. Not better or worse, just different.

This episode is all about how I raised  my kids and my business at the same time – and how both are still a work in progress. I give you my 5 best tips for surviving AND thriving while doing that.

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