Podcast Episode: Reclaim Your Life and Your Time

Are you always really busy? And do you find that you never seem to have enough hours in the day to get everything done? This seems to happen to most of us, so today we’re going to be talking about time management, or to make it sound a bit less boring- reclaiming your time. Listen in to find out more.

I recently did a survey of people who run their businesses part-time, as a side-gig. And out of the hundreds and hundreds of answers that I got back, almost everyone mentioned time- or the lack thereof- as their biggest business problem. I really think that all of us need more time to get stuff done in our businesses,  and we can’t actually make more of it, or borrow it, so today I’d like to give you some ways to reclaim some of your time back.  Listen in today to get some practical tips, from my own experience, for regaining some control and getting your life back when time is short but intention is long.

Show Highlights:

  • Don’t send detailed quotes initially- rather give people a range.
  • Getting to learn the patterns as you do your costing, in order to work out your ideal pricing structure.
  • Swap emails for phone calls. (I know that this could be terrifying for some people.)
  • What will happen if you’re brave enough to end the email trail and make phone calls instead.
  • It’s a lot easier to ask for a deposit on the phone.
  • Using time blocking, or the batching method, to save time.
  • Taking time-blocking to the next level with a very noisy alarm.
  • Time blocking really helps with procrastination issues.
  • Getting somebody else to hold you accountable for your time-keeping.
  • The importance of being on time for meetings with people.
  • When people are late they’re actually telling you that they don’t really value your time.
  • Ask yourself if what you’re doing is really making the best use of your time.
  • We all really tend to waste so much time on unimportant things.
  • Not letting your downtime run away with you.
  • Get out of your normal environment and go somewhere else to do your admin work.
  • Why you’ll be more focused on your work when you’re away from home.
  • Time and the way you feel about it is elastic.


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2 comments on “Podcast Episode: Reclaim Your Life and Your Time

  1. Hi Michael,
    Great podcast! Im getting my answers to lots of questions running in my mind and i will lighter.
    Thank you so much.

  2. Great podcast! It got me going and reminded me that inefficient systems are a real time suck on our personal lives as well as during business/work.

    I know for sure that I have a tendency to overthink and come up with elaborate schemes with a bazillion steps each.

    Using a calendar is a good example. I envision having a picture perfect system in a notebook with bullet journaling, symbols to represent different kinds of things, colour-coded with five shades of yellow and all done in beautiful cursive just because that feels nice(r) and looks orderly.

    What I really need though is a large enough plain calendar with space to write things out clearly with zero frills, using just one color for emphasis. A system that anyone who isn’t me can use just as efficiently and fast with minimum learning curve.

    Having ten steps when three will do is just counterproductive and creates more hassle.
    Same baseline of thinking can be applied for:
    ingredient storage (pinterest perfect stacked boxes are a nightmare to keep in order),
    manufacturing (having several specialty items with different recipes for each instead of having core products that are easy to modify),
    customer service (replying to email throughout the day instead of assigning a set time),
    order process (the customer has to go through a lot of messages, online form filling, searching, combing through pages of policies to see what percentage exactly has to be paid for and when, etc, to give you money instead of making ordering and paying for things as quick as can be), and so forth.

    Many of us tend to accumulate these multiple-step processes without realizing it even. Getting an outsider take on it can often help. Good processes in my opinion are those that are simple enough for someone who’s not you to grasp the gist of without extensive training or explaining.

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