Podcast Episode: The Sweetest Gift with Patricia Scheetz


How do you really feel about money? Are you charging enough for what you do, or is there something that’s holding you back? Lately, I’ve been talking a lot about money and women and about the concept that many of us don’t want to charge properly for the work that we do. I think this is because we tend to feel that there is a negative emotional attachment to money and we don’t want people thinking that we’re greedy, so we feel really bad for charging. This is why I think that we really need to start thinking about money as a force for good rather than a force for evil. I feel that when money is put to good use there is nothing at all to be ashamed of or to feel bad about. In fact, even if you choose to spend your money on a closet full of designer shoes, I’m cool with that too! I just think that we really need to remove the stigma around money as a bad thing. 

Today is a particularly important day for me because I’m going to be talking to someone who is a recent student of mine and she’s on a mission that I personally find to be very important. Patricia Scheetz is located in New South Wales Australia and she is a really awesome example of someone who is determined to succeed, regardless of what life throws at her. There are lots of interesting things about Patricia- like that she was a reality TV star- but the most interesting thing is that she runs a company called The Sweetest Gift which is a registered charity that employs and trains transplant recipients and people with chronic illnesses. Normally, people who have those issues struggle to maintain stable employment due to the ongoing obstacles in their lives, like their physical limitations or that they may not be able to work every day. So the whole point of The Sweetest Gift is to create a business that can sustain an employee base of people who are dealing with chronic illnesses and transplant recipients. Listen in today to find out more about something that I really care about!

Show Highlights:

  • Why the idea behind The Sweetest Gift is so important to me personally.
  • Some info about The Equal Employment Opportunity Network Victoria, an Australian organization that’s all about diversity and inclusion.
  • Patricia tells her story, starting with her becoming diabetic at a really young age.
  • First flesh-eating bacteria and then going blind!
  • Getting diagnosed with kidney failure.
  • The insanity of having kidney dialysis four times a week.
  • The agony of waiting for the call for her kidney transplant.
  • How The Sweetest Gift came about.
  • How Patricia got to show her passion for dessert- and to tell her story on a reality TV show.
  • Graduating as a pastry chef!
  • How Patricia copes with her visual impairment.
  • You can do anything if you put your mind to it!
  • All about Patricia’s home-based business.
  • The way that Patricia manages her business around her illness.
  • Patricia discusses her big vision for a dessert restaurant.
  • The huge psychological benefits to baking.
  • Bringing awareness to the difficulties that are experienced by people with chronic illnesses or disabilities.
  • The high cost of having a chronic illness or a disability. 
  • Why you should talk to your family now if you’d like to be an organ donor.

To get in touch with Patricia go to www.thesweetestgift.org.au 

If you’d like to become an organ donor in Australia go to www.donatelife.gov.au to register your wishes. 

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