Podcast Episode: The Three Day Rule

Did you know that I’m busy writing my second book? To be honest, I’m finding the process of writing this book really hard. Not the writing part because that comes pretty easily to me and I love it. I’m finding it difficult because this time I’m writing about life and not about baking or about business. For today’s episode, I decided to be brave and do something a little different, so tune in now, to find out more.

My life has not been without its trials and tribulations but it has never been boring! Over the years, I’ve been collecting notes on all the various methods that have worked for me to live a really amazing life. So I decided to take everything that I know, and that I’ve learned about life, and write it all down in a book. I have included the things I’ve used in my own life to get to where I am, things I have heard about that I think are really useful, and also some of the lessons I’ve learned just from living a happy, exciting, and fulfilled life. This book is a departure from what I normally do because it’s a self-help book, and in today’s episode, I’ll be sharing one of the articles that I wrote for it. Listen in today, to her the article and to find out what I’m doing to get out of my own way in the process of writing this book.

Show Highlights:

  • Over the years I’ve collected notes on all the various methods that have worked for me to live an amazing life.
  • I have not yet worked out a title or a structure for my new book. At the moment it’s just a big brain-dump.
  • Some of the titles that I’ve thought of for the book.
  • My book is still a work in progress and that’s why I have not yet worked out a structure or a title for it. 
  • I’ve never read anybody any of this book before.
  • This book is not about something that I’m known for. It’s more of a self-help book. 
  • While writing this book I’ve had impostor syndrome rearing its ugly head.
  • I’d love to get your feedback about what I’ve written.
  • I share an article called The Three Day Rule.
  • The article that I’m sharing today was written a couple of days ago. I’ve not re-read it, and it is totally unedited.
  • The Three Day Rule is a great lesson in perspective.
  • Difficult things really do get easier with time. 

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