Podcast Episode: On Being a Woman In Business

What’s it like, being a female in business? And has it ever affected your business negatively? These are questions that people often ask me. They’re really good questions and it’s something that I actually care about a lot, yet I’ve found that I’ve been avoiding discussing this topic- and I don’t really know why. Perhaps I’ve been hesitant to share my thoughts because I actually feel so strongly about all of this. Anyway, right now is as good a time as any to have this discussion, so let’s rock it! Listen in to find out more.

I have been asked if me being a woman has ever made people question my business capability. Also, if I think that me being a woman and a mother makes people more entitled to question my business choices, and how all this affects my life as a business owner. These are massive questions and in the current climate of the Me Too Movement people are finally feeling more inclined to talk about these things. With all the issues that are finally being addressed, around inappropriate behavior and sexism at work, this is a topic that really needs to be spoken about. So I’ve really had to spend a lot of time thinking about this. I can only speak from my own experience, so please bear this in mind as I share my answers and my thoughts on the subject with you today. Listen in now, to find out what I have to share.

Show Highlights:

  • Thank goodness that I’ve never had any really terrible experiences.
  • Some of the reasons that I’ve hesitated in talking about this.
  • A fascinating story about a really important lesson I learned about the value of the work I was doing, as a mother and as a woman in my home, from a life insurance agent.
  • The very masculine energy in the high-pressure cheffing industry.
  • Not being able to show any weakness, as a woman, in the male dominant cheffing industry.
  • The way that the male dominance thing became more apparent for me when I started running my own business.
  • The condescension that I experienced from men and from women when I started my business.
  • What I learned about dealing with condescension.
  • How I became more solid in my belief about who I was in my business.
  • My big, fat, giant confession…
  • The way that sexism has been rearing it’s ugly head against men in our industry.
  • Getting called out on my own sexism.
  • Do guys ever ask other guys how their kids feel about them traveling for work?
  • Perhaps there’s too much made of us being female bosses or entrepreneurs.
  • I’ve made a number of business choices that have honored the fact that I was a mother.
  • Standing up and being the best business owner that you can be- regardless of whether you’re female, or male!



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