Podcast Interview with Faye Cahill

It was an absolute pleasure to revisit interviewing one of my favourite cake artists, Faye Cahill of Faye Cahill Cake Design. She’s absolutely legendary in our industry and she’s known for her romantic and beautiful aesthetic. As it happens not only is she known for gentle, beautiful designs she is also a gentle, beautiful person in real life. You would honestly be hard pressed to find someone in our industry nicer or kinder than Faye. It was especially exciting for me to interview her for the podcast since she was one of my very first print interviews here on the blog – you can read my original interview with Faye Cahill (and you should, it’s still fascinating stuff.) I got the opportunity to ask her what (if anything) has changed from those years ago. The most exciting thing is that she has a new range of lustre dusts available as well as some new stencils coming out – watch this space, who knows what Faye will do next?!

You can find Faye’s breathtaking work online here:

Faye Cahill Website

Faye on Facebook

Faye on Instagram

All about Faye’s new line of lustre dusts

You can listen to the podcast in your favourite app, on iTunes or Stitcher, or right here on the blog by clicking the white arrow:

2 comments on “Podcast Interview with Faye Cahill

  1. Hi Michelle, this is Agnes from Indonesia. First of all, thank you very much for the pricing videos and also the podcast. You have no idea how useful and helpful they were for me in re-establishing my business in this new town (our family just relocated to a new place the end of 2016).

    Anyway, I was trying to listen to Faye Cahill Podcast and there were few glitches, started at minute 3:09 to around 4:10. your voice and Faye’s was kinda overlapped to each other thus the recording was a bit unclear there. Would you please kindly check and resolve this issue if possible?

    Thank you very much for everything you have done for us, bakeprenuers aroud the world (Yes, I just coined those two terms hahha). It means the world to me.


    1. Hi Agnes,

      I quite like the word bakepreneur! 🙂 I might have to borrow that one. I’ll also check on the sound issue and if I can resolve it I’ll upload a new one.


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