Podcast Episode: Is There Room for Religion in Your Business


Today we’re going to be talking about something pretty thought-provoking – we’re going to talk about business and religion. I think you might find what I have to say interesting and I really hope that this topic doesn’t get me into any trouble, so obviously, this comes with a big, fat disclaimer that it’s entirely my opinion and I truly understand that you might feel differently. I really wanted to talk about this, because it’s something that I feel quite passionate about and it’s also something that I think we should talk about a little more often. Listen in today, as I share my own journey with spirituality and religion and how my opinions around this have altered a bit, as I’ve grown older.

I am known for not being terribly religious at all. When I was a young child and a teenager, I questioned absolutely everything, like the existence of God and whether or not we need organised religion. I’ve always been a doubter and a questioner, so I have always really accepted that there are other ways of doing things. As a result, I never used to refer to myself as religious, I would rather call myself curious, or educated and I denounced the idea of having a single solution to the whole question of religion. When I grew up and got into business, I started to notice that some companies, particularly small businesses, do tend to bring religion into a lot of things, on social media. While I accept that God can love me and look after me, I’m not so sure that He can actually market my business for me, so listen in today, as  I discuss whether or not there really is a space in business for religion or spirituality.

Show highlights:

  • The way that my family followed religion culturally, rather than spiritually, while I was growing up.
  • The things that irk me, about businesses bringing religion into their marketing practices.
  • Why I feel that overt examples of religion in business can be a bit of a turn off for customers.
  • Why my strong opinions about religion have softened over time, particularly when it comes to business.
  • The Business Coach that I hired, who was quite into spirituality – and far out of my comfort zone.
  • What I learned from that Business Coach and how I started to think a lot more about his approach to life.
  • Some stories about some crazy things that happened to me in business and the way that I have learned to view those experiences, since having met my Business Coach.
  • A beautiful story that really got to me, about breast cancer, blind acceptance, and faith.
  • Some solutions to my business problems that just dropped into my lap.
  • My growing belief around the idea that if you put what you want out there, you will get it back.
  • My deeper questioning into the idea of spirituality and religion, from learning about EFT and Reiki to looking closely at organised religion.
  • How I have become more spiritual over time, allowing new possibilities into my life.
  • My daily affirmations and gratitude practice. It’s really so important to be grateful for what you have in your life.
  • Writing down what I’d like to have happen in my life – then taking action.
  • My new-found belief in having faith.
  • Living my life fully, on the terms that I choose.
  • Always having a little bit of faith, a little bit of love and a little bit of gratitude


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3 comments on “Podcast Episode: Is There Room for Religion in Your Business

  1. I’m a breast cancer survivor, and yes, we do need God and faith and more love and compassion in our lives. The famous “Footprints” poem and it’s content is what has carried me throughout my entire life. All the ups and downs, because life has a way of bringing both. Keep your heart open; He’s calling you to a love relationship with Him, and not religion; a connection with our Creator. Blessings to you, your family and your business, now and always. <3

  2. Hi Michelle
    I spent my coffee morning listening to your podcast. I loved every word that was said and it really inspired me this morning. I bake for family and friends, and would love to start something small next year, God willing.
    And i will keep your inspiration with me when i do decide to start.

  3. Oh Michelle I always love your openness on this and every thing else you share , though I’m not religious I am spiritual ,a Christian and it is a way of life that affects the way I do business so for me I do put it out there,seeing as 8 have had practical manifestation of God’s help in life and business.
    We do need to have faith dear it is the only anchor a person’s soul can have when all else fails,so I do pray you continue to grow in your experience with spiritual things and unlike what happened to you, your kids do get an example of what faith can do in their own lives from seeing what it’s done in yours.Love you for always being you Michelle,God bless.

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