Signed, Confused in Cakeland #4

“Signed, Confused in Cakeland” is a regular feature where I answer the small but important questions. Or just the funny questions. Or whatever questions you might have, really, which may not need a full on blog post.

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A rare moment of calm

Dear Michelle,

You’re a Mom, blogger, business owner, teacher…and I’m barely holding it together as a Mom and business owner. Seriously, do you have a lot of help, or do you never sleep? What’s the deal? Am I just really bad at time management? How do you get all that done? What’s the secret? Minions?


Confused in Cakeland

Dear Confused in Cakeland,

I do not believe you can have it all. I think you can have some of it, most of the time, but not all of it, at the same time. That whole Superwoman thing is a myth.

The truth of it is, I work really hard at keeping all of those things going. My life is a fabulous, crazy, busy one…but then I beat myself up about all the stuff I don’t get done. Truly I often think about how much more I could and should be doing and I’m frustrated that there are not more hours in the day. You and me, we’re not so different. I look at what other mothers or business owners do and I wish I could do what they seem to do so effortlessly.

Basically I try to remind myself that most of the time, I just do the best I can with the resources I have. My house is messy, my kids need to remind me over and over to sign their school paperwork, I sometimes forget to eat proper meals (Slurpees and Oreocookies are nutritious, right?), I skip the gym too often, I forget to make doctor’s appointments…you get the idea. I’m human. A very messy, sometimes grumpy, wonderfully imperfect human.

I have employees in my business, but at home it’s pretty much just me (and a bit of hubby) doing everything – so I plan, I organise, I do my best to stay one step ahead of the chaos (by doing stuff like meal planning). Some days I fall over in a heap, other days I’ve got my act together.  I’m a bit like the proverbial duck gliding on the surface of the water, all calm and serene…underneath, I’m paddling like mad!

Thank goodness for Slurpeesand Oreo cookies .

Yours in controlled chaos,


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