Signed, Confused in Cakeland #6

“Signed, Confused in Cakeland” is a regular feature where I answer the small but important questions. Or just the funny questions. Or whatever questions you might have, really, which may not need a full on blog post.

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Dear Michelle,

Do I really need a website? Isn’t a facebook page enough? Most of my business comes from Facebook and I’m running this business on a shoestring as it is.


Confused in Cakeland

Dear Confused in Cakeland,

No, a facebook page is not enough for you to run a real business from. There are two reasons for this:

1) Not all of your clients and potential clients are on facebook…and facebook’s popularity is in fact declining.

2) If facebook crashes tomorrow, so does your way of communicating with your clients. Can you afford to have you one method of communication be so vulnerable?

So – get yourself a website. They are cheap, quick, and when you have more time and money to invest in them you can make them better – but for now, at bare minimum it needs to have your business name and logo as well as your name, contact details, and some details about your products and how to buy them.

And, just for good measure, here is a list of ten things I think EVERY business owner should invest in (at the very least.)

Yours in cyberworld,


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