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Hi Michelle,

Should I send my client a photo of my cake once it’s finished? How do you feel about those “sneaky peek” photos?



Hi Ellie,

Well, there are two questions there.

1) Sending a picture to the client: I wouldn’t do it. All it’s doing is opening you up to letting them make changes, change their mind, or basically drive you nuts. It’s really not worth it. Plus chances are you would be sending them that picture via phone or email outside of your normal work hours – and establishing boundaries with clients is important. If they ask for a photo when you’re done (or to watch while you create it – WTH? – I’ve seen this before though…) then just say, “I don’t want to ruin the lovely surprise! I love seeing my client’s reactions when they see their cake in real life for the first time,” and leave it at that.

2) Should you post sneaky peek pictures? Honestly I’m not a fan of it, although some people do it to generate a little bit of excitement. I’d prefer to do this for orders which are NOT a specific client’s – so a ‘sneak peek’ of some flavours you might be developing, a dummy cake you’re working on, a whole pile of sugar flowers on your bench or a class you’re developing are all okay. I really think private client’s orders should remain a little, well, private!

In other words… don’t be so quick to snap a pic!



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